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Full text of "Atlas of Steuben Co., Indiana, to which are added various general maps, history, statistics, illustrations"

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Collection of Native North American Indian Books. 
Historical Books, Atlases, plus ottl« importtfllWl' 
thors and family heirloom books. 
As of 12-31-93 

Earl Ford McNaughton V } 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2012 

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custom: statistics 


( (fZakeside Building Car. oPClaf/c <&j4damsSts. \ 



Jacksoo Township, 
Jamestown Township, 
Jamestown, plat of, 
Metz, plat of, . 
Mill Grove Township, 
Orland, plat of, 
Otsego Township, . 
Pleasant Township, . 
Pleasant Lake, plat of, 
Ray, plat of, 
Richland Township, 
Salem Township, 

, phi or, 

,k, plat of, 

('li.i.l»-i.-k k (.'.. 

Ml. !..<■! .[.-I.u.i 

«■,]!,,.„. I 


Beight, Samuel, 

Brown, D. N. E., M. D., 

Burnham, Frank T., . 

Carpenter, Jesse H., . 

Drain, M. F., M. D., . 

Darling, Justin, deceased ( 

vilh bingraphj), . 

Darling, Mrs. Rhoda, 

Drll.T. ,l..lin A. and wife, 

Deller, George H. aud wife 

Deller, Nicholas; deceased, 

Fcrri.r, William (with biography), 

Ferrier, Mrs. William, . 

Goodall, Orrille, 

Curd,,!. I';.ii.[l_v. |V|,l,.-,.I.t.ll 

regronpof, . . 

■ I-.Uii.-.ii .Ijlm.s II .,ii,l tt-ifc, 

Keyes, W. U 

M.n.iitni'v, Francis, 

Miller, James II., 

McConmrll, George W. (and biography), 

McConoell, Mrs. Eliza, 

MeNabb, Theodore B., . 

I ' > ■ : r « ■ 1 ■_- v- \lvin and wile, . 

l'..«vi\- [■'.uiiily, group of, 

Rice, C. D., deceased, 

Ransburg, M. V., M. D 

Shcffor, W. K., 

Stcv.-ns, Francis, deceased, .... 

Stevens, Malinda F., 

Twichell, W. H., 

TwicheU, Jonab H., Sr., and wife, 

Waller, W. H., M. D„ . . . . 

Fremont Township, 
JatU.u Township, 
Jamestown Township 
Mill Grove Township, 
Olsego Township, 
Pleasant Township, 
Richland Township, 


Pleasant Township, 
Fremont Township, 
Jackson Township, 
Mill Grove Township 
Otsego Township, . 

J;...ks..[] Township, 

. 56 

Jamestown Township, 


Mill Grove Township, . 

. 55 

Pleasant Township, 

... 56 

Richland Township, . 


Salem Township, . 

. 56 

Scott Township, 


Stenben Township, . . 

. . . 56 

York Township, 



Hemisphere, Western, 

* * 




i Governor and Judges 

.:' Tr,... 1 ::,:,. :;,-:\" 

^£ o»rs t hSs:,:;:.:; : ,;:,.. :.;:.,.■;■;",„;:,.:!;",":;.: n:;;:,,;;t,,;'.::::::,'i'.::::', :'■;■ -, ; ,::: rrSs: 

»'"r '., ir' , ''.. , . , ,'i,'™'.".- ''.',,"','■'. ,■ "..r'ii ",'"'.'!"'. : V '.'..','.'.' .'.' V'V- !,'," .'■ ■"'. .'".'."w '■',' ' ' k !'!'' '■' ""?■',".;'. ",'' — ,*,'" l " ,, ,' ,; " i' 1 ' "! 

.-.». .,,.,ri«r .-,r .1,, , ,„,i.,-„ ■':.•',,, v; : v " ■""'■' "'v;'"' 1 ""''' ;' 'T 

'I i. .r ,..., . j i- I11J1...1.1...U h„..nn-,.S,..„l...„r...,,,., ,,..-■„.. , ,.,' „ ,' 1 ','■,", '' ' ',','' "' ""'!" 1 

iiy m<ii,.riiy ..f iii- C1.-1 S1..1-. ... 1 -ii. ,„.i ,i„. i,,!,;,,,,,,.. ,,,,, .1, „. i , ,,.„'., ... .,.,„', . '.'| ' ,,,';" \ ,\" " 1 "" ""■'[■' ■ ';"'' 

l""l w tiered for saie. c 00 ftccoun, of ,',. ■ ." r 1 .,'. „\ -1 | ■! ', /',""" ' "■"■"• 

l.i Umilv (' only »■ „ ,„._. m,,-,! I,,- .,„.„., „f,|„. r„„-r.,l A.-»eu,bly. testimony, b- «... never a.-uio lor' Ih.'.'.UY'l'-r -i's ..'".'"' ll- 
il. e !iu- l.-iwe-ti T.wn.l;: - :; ; „, I :!|. ..... ..c'.i. i„...l tl.,. ro ;.. i.. r '.nil , ... , ,. .i ( ..'. m'. ...'; .' . 

The euuntv of Si.-il.-ii iv,~ .ir-im/.-.l in pursuance of an act A- ,.|„.,v,,l .!.„„,,,< I-. IHII7. »l,ich provided 

J..I111W. VioktotKlkhar, County; Henry Hojlollcr, Sr of K 

I-...- K,;-n ..f Si ,1 ,.l, . H..„|.,„, UI ,|..„ . . |..i; fl „.,. ,„.| 

M.-Inlo-b. of All.-., ..v.- -„.,...„',i,..l !■..,„. ..,. , .... 

iwc.t comer of tile county, near Little Turkey Lake, 

Tile Board doing county 

1 were authorized by the a 

riff of Sojuben C 

Oi.-e-u. The -mire uu-ln..-- 
Al the -c,-u.ii ..til,- 


lington County, was 

;:.,"i.£i!' IG 


was superseded by a 
ch time the develop 


;:s".;,;:r,o" ;;;:'£ 

I:; 1 , ;;,' 

MTVf.l , 

d Ohio, on the soutl 

d^fto^ Baron Vrod- 
ider the great King 
offered his services 

S-ur An ..r.lcr w:is ma.k- ■ -tal... slung 
i separate civil township to be called 
' the sessiou occupies three page.s oi' 

icrs. held in March, I8MH, 

Sorts, Timothy Kim- 
is, Alonzo P.Clark. John 

t.anni.1 n ,in,in M'. A-.i M.irpl.i -l-.l... \Vi,-,..i. I).,vid 
Kul.iii-.iii .Siii.ii.'l li irt) U'I,,-,,,!; I* S.,.,i- 1 Kr.t-ci- .■'..riilum. Tli-rn, 
St... r-. .Jut..-.- IVrf-et ami J.. I,,. W. 1,1, Tn- |,, -... ,| r ..wi (1 -- I . r ., ,,,iu 
jurj was .,. li,|l..w, lie-rj:.- lial.lwi,,. Av,- fV K.i.vr^oii, Charles C. 
l ; '■> A : , ..;- I - ....:, ■.- -j- i; : . I ,.;.,,. i; : |., ; ., r .. |),. ., \\ ,. 

( V.m II. tm l.i nl H..I..1 iv, 1- It,,-', r -l.r.iiii.Lh Til!-t- i. J..1,t, 

Sualey, Che.-ler St^-k.-i. li iiiaumi S Tv.idi.-1! J ph It Allien. 

U-l.n: li.W. ('..:„.!!„- \ M ) Hum. U»i> U'i„„,r. 

■Ji'hii -I .In K11— II..I C l \n let .In.!..- L-.ii- fix ;...). 


The first session of the Cir.uit Cuirl ..pem-d April 12, 1838, the 

Th'<- rir-t L-ase placed on the docket was 

U'.,,...... in .L-„ni,p-ii The ,-i.Hc w: U - continu 

|i.,i_v. ivli.uu, i-| ; .,r-.' •( with killing a 

The wise was very sensjtional and attracted aid' 

rimnlir "as i-.iminiit.-ij in 1-M1, i]i, l„„l_ v l, L .j.,^ s,'Lii-tf,l n 

time. Shortly after tin- .sudden dis^ppcaia 

ciiieu. an eiciv,ui„n w.i> n, ,d,- into the t.ip, and, „t the dip'.h 
,,!' tlit.-.' I. -.1, aslu->. ,lrir,.ii', :iinl -, v. r.l tV.i-.-ni.-m- ..|' human 

limns wen- :..ii„il 'I'ifi-K-e iii.l,.-. l,>».-r .i.nvii. th.-r,- a.„ -I,. . I .-,,. r 

uf ...h- an. I il..ii,,.,l, .,i.,-u .- win. I, M-,,,. [| K . .,,-arl)- ,h-,-.v,-,l l,-n„- of 
111 adnli In n„. in- TIk- |....iii...i ..I' th,- h..i„, ,„.|„.,',-,| l.urml in a 

sl.,1,-, .|,a|-.-.l like a v-Iiim-I It was funr and ..u.:-hall' iiirlu-s ]„„«. Iivo 
iiii-l,.-. ivi-li- a.i-l i>n .-lunrih <.l" an i.„-li tlii.k. <,.■.- e-rm-r li.iti- l.r.iketl 

parutivi-ly little intention ty what they w.n 
plied with relies ui' a race now fast disappi 

h C ..1,.;. 

Ill- (mil. 


IIU u-uij residence 
Hon in ilie Par West. 




,1,-n Countj 
.,..! |i.,n . 
I.i.l while . 
villi ,1.,,... 1. 

the county is null- level, h'-in- 
e.-H. The Boil is -ener.illy -n.-l, 
e lakes in the county, v iryin- In 

of a man were f'.niml win, S nn.iiy ] . ..j.l.- In-lj.-v.-d l- In- tli ■.-,- ,.j' Ni.yes, 
lilty one. Upon the expin- 

• murder of Lurenzo Noyes. 

At tin- UlIi.Iii-i t.-rni i.l e.mrt in tin- -alii, . ,, I,- - .\ .-,,,-,, i |.„i iv.-ll ir. .1 -,..:-, j. -. ,-„, .. .. . mJ In I. , : ,j. ,.| ,.. , ,,-i , , ,i ,„. 

.■ a .-..iitiiiii, m-,- April K.-l.i-r: L D<.u^l.i.- uas I'r.-i-.uting wl.nh n-.pur. I.<r_- '.|.i nitiia- -t ».,i.-r. -m li ,ls tiie making it* li (H 

Attorney; Judsru C.denck, ol I'ort W'uyne, was employed to defend wriiin- i,.n„r i.rint . t. 

I » ■■;. fin- reMiili-d in a,ll>i-.-r. ni.-nt ».t'lli,- jurj. notwitlHtaiidilig 

the fui-t l hut th-l b-iii— h.-i.i pmved (■• be llm-e of Nuy. -. The evidence ate 

against Doty was ,piii.- e.,nilu-n.-. tli.mgli, in the main, eireumstaiitiul. of t 

I'.mn ,.„ a-,.., mi i.f a !:.-_-, . I ,.,, nnliei- i\,,--io; ..-.-.oi.-i |) in S(,nl..„ (In- 

C.iiiitv. The >.auml Hi, I euii.iiii-me.l a! I'.irt Way,,,- ,„'.l nl) ISM 

Tin- ,-vi.Ieii.e did nut .lift, -i in a(,-i i,.llv that at th- lirst trial. Dr. post 

,i| .-.■! ..,- . irl-.ti 


Corps. An analysis of n 

tomJi-ms H.'iiry I, ;,-!. r li .- li-M tin- !li, .■ ul' S'ir,l.,, \ ;<»■} Ti.-..-uut. 

>uti-----'lici!; V W It -ll.-y. wli . lirsr li.l.l rli iluv- 

Sinci- tli.' ur^i'iifmi-.ii. th- - t-hur.-li In* tiul a- I'.l-Uts, in tin- ( >r<l< r 

mt DencwDS are Saiuut 
d of Trustees consist* of 

ration, who are n stored to by Rev -I V Hi kmotl 

Mooes Kinsey is DeMnn. u.-l Mr, C F UVirt is Clerk au.l Treas- 

. by K«v. J. V. Ilk-km-.n 1.1 I*7H 
I,..- (ttvntj m Ikt> i»r Bit.y is Clerk of tl 

- Hickmult, of Angola, Pastor. 

Stab I- \.. 


proper to say, chat til 

assuming its burdens 
K. V. Cnrlin, ill. Clin 
P. Lewis, William « 
Kinney. Many othei 

r,'«puii»il.ililios. may be , „.,! (holuiuili 

. W Parish. Christian Fast. F Macartnc 
} B. Phelps, David Faurot and Mra. I 

led La Grange Canity, th.j southern part at' 

, and in this county it k in .Iaeks,, rl ami Wil- 

1 Hat-rave was Presiding Elder, and Kevs. G M. 

a'lneh line' lie. 
appnintcd Eld 
n Angola, a portion of t 

This denomination has 
rship, but the building i: 

"-organize,! as all -Old Se| 1 " 

rgregationul Church was nrgnn- 
meinbers of the Presbyterian Church 

,'teriau organization in Salem Township, 
ig with the United Brethren, it being a 

a church in Hudson, with a fair mem. 

■■■■■ ■ Kail, County. 

f Steuben County is the 

Mr. Rickets; in 1847, 
Osborne ; 1850— in thi 
Angola and Orland— A 
1851, Angola, A. C. B 
°. Preston ; 1853, Ann 

Hohlsluck were the ,, 

■ Hani: l',|_\ 1: s 111 
«; 1845, C W Mill,., , is, 
1-i J. .1 Ca.per; 18411, J. 

, T. F. 

-t>ii i i: 

're-ton, I«.i4. 


II. Hutchinson— I), 
W. Palmer; 1S57, 

' ' ■' ."'hill, r tiil.o. I I; I' ,-, .;,', u.„i,"',;'„','| ud [' u j 

'■•'■[ '■'■ Hall amis H'a.r. I-og. K Half ami T S , II-" '; 1 -i ,!! ,|. 

" '~! y"' ''■■"■■ '-'■'■ J- t'""I"T a„'l .1. 1! < , I.,,;,-,. 

•V' ; "" '"■' "' ''-"" ,ll "' i " 1 'I l» H'H'1'i, -<lrh.„.| ,,„,. 

—-'- O.P. B,,,,l,„, I,. ,I'||,„„, „„.- ,,,„..„„ !.. 

18117, Angola, .1 W Miller and A C 

ceeded by O. D. Watkh 

Germ-l-dr!.,,,,, c ll„„ u .r; 1368, Angola, A. V. Gon 

L. ,-. I'r.-loi, l-i;:i. Angola, A Cme— Orlnnd, E, 

1*7:: \„,„l., 

Ugola A 

E. McCarty- 


I'te-ton, 1S7II, 
.. Cone- 

I i'"rt ; 

M.-Cirlt— (.Irian 
-Orland, A. W 
Angola, W H Ki,ller-(l,la„,r. A. W Lamport; 187(1, Angol 
K. hastier and (1. H. Work— Orlan.l. 10 .Hall; ]S77 Am-oiu 

Work-Orlaotl. 10. II., II : 1-7- A,,,.,,,,, (• ,; N „„ __;,,'[, 

W. Howe; 18711 Angola C (I Hud-,.,, -Oil.,u,l W II t„i, 

'','- ','"', - ' "' li,i -' , " r -" >' J"J »"t" in v.-ri iriuh C,r .,11 ,„.",.|,. 

-"" I"' -""»'" (Me, and inanv are ill- ,„ ir < n r ,.„,„„ „, ,,.„,„. 

las'. To the 7,A „f he, earlj minister-. e , , v ■ 1„„„ „, 

agency, is duo the ,„eva!",,e, „,' ,, ,,,„,eh „.|igi„„, „;.„, ;„ ,,,„„,. „, 

Elder Jot „!,, i, Tie,,,,!. „ ,. ,i„." ,i, '., [T„i M d Brethren minister in 

■;; ■'•■",. Mi ':-" """'' >'"' '""' ''•i ; hi-' , i\''Z.,''"lit„do7iS 

'Lom ( ,1.1 lIl'M-lero , , „|,,| 

I""""" "f .-"..' l.-'l ,. Ulelo'.O, .,,,'1 ,','„' I -,„„|, ,„ ,|„. M.„i„„,. ;,..,.,: 

Richland Towosloo, :„„l ,|„, 

inday school colleetioi 

S Hef the of Sieali, 

of lids was organ,*. 

Benton, and sis mil 
Davis class." 
The d: 

"I which a is ,■ ,11. ,i Si, n \„.„ 
I0id..r"'flo,',,',,."ij!, , ,','.|,!i' ,,',','. 

- called the (V,st claSS. We also 

Flint. Brushey l'rairie and Norll, 
' place was formed one called the 


rnnnt. The old Salem c 

Orland Circuit— Oil 

lii'lsoi, ami Turkey 
Fercnce, whichTas 
t log church, near 

1879. In 1854, acinar, 
r. In 1852, one was be-u 
tars; one at Hamilton, it 
Otsego Center, in lSllu' 

the date : Angola, Fre 
Salem Center, Hudson, 

Probationers, 5^, mem 


The Patterson class 

.,- il„." li' 

Corey class. 

of Fremont Circuit. 

hat near !l,,i. e„„,i-,,"l „f (it, 
Sarah Co'lii., Mr, William Co 
loll. The meetings were lir,t 

of Metz. The neat 
uut in 18(11, attests the prosperity of the former, 
ng has as yet been erected where was formed the 

in ils beginnings i 
I Brethren Church I 

Early io Is.,?! J. 

r'l".,,''.l nil", no,,. ,,,,,. 

'-. »i r si ::i4. 

for go,,,!. Truly is i in- king- 

ice;: - ( 

. II Day. Ilo.e it Macartney in 1-1,1 ,,„ r , !,.,.,., a,,', 

7. Miner, who was so,,, |, ,| ['„ , ,.' v\- I'arnh. '" j" A M'yr- 

ircd, Myrtle 

;!j i',.'.",',, 1 ;;' /'.',', ,"'„ v J ! "' i l ' i '^'! i '"ne,',u 'ii'r',','wu".'o„'i 'i'.'', , 

To, Mr. M ,,-,1'inev r ,a ,,e, I. ],. „ ■ ,., |, ,i (,, ., , N| J ,- 

" Cll"»'ing .lauuar.v. (he |...... r as,- ..,, 1, , _-. . 1 i 

Mi..,' «. 

am Br.ovu ih. 

' largest all-lion, 



ins of the county is Steuben Circuit, with its lour str 
nnig more than thtee hundred earne-t Christian men 
11. leering again to the early days and Wor 

nunc of "Jin 

( of J. K. 

Levi Brown Some of these, quite li 

of many of the classes na I Rev .1 h Swihart has been~fur ma 

years identified with the interests of this denomination all over t 
part. Of the ministers nana 
■■•sides at Bullet, Ind. For I 
evangelist in the States of India, 

Michigan lovv.i. 

"of T ca 

Cherry, D. Holmes, J 

i Lord's 


i persons. Rev. J. K. i 

the spring of 1 8711, Mr 
formerly owned by M: 

"in ■■>■- a en. -illation of • 
Steuben County. 

n " •'"-'„, »'"''' ■'■»- "-"I'll- 1 in .January. IS70, by Isaac L. 

Denn. rati, ,'in. It „■;,.. primed ..„ ., ,-l, pre-. i.e.,' „ ,"i,„,!' 

1" S.plemb,.,. ,,,' the .,„„,. year, Mr »',,„ -.J.| ,,, Will,.,,,, B 

■'I'C'.in.'ll, I-.'.., . ., o,„..],.,|| ;,„,.„..., ;„ , ,,;,.. „,„.„ ., |, : „„| „,.., J 

subseijuently reduced 1 

|,aper, and, alioge, her. it justly ranks a, g (lie 1- 


iih (he 

uk, Morthland, and J Lower, as the 

ework i]ii„,,g ,,,.. few years pre's.-'liltg the 

Mill", William Daniel Bender', 
•(in. William Clay, J.m 
, Juseph Portor, J. Wfll, 

nail,. Join, T 

The l'„.l„teri„„ Church was org ,..-,1 

c I'a-iot being II, v M D„„.,|J..„ ,| ,|, 

,Iiii-.ui and Angus MeKui.-v ,Mi D.„,al.l-ou 

CT Which he removed „, llloll,,,,,. Hi,,,, 


t Hudsou. Fremont 


b are fine, welUbi 

■lor in eh;irr;e. The [i:ir.-.nin L 't.' 

bounds of the county. 
I'lueli class on this 
Those in the county, 
<i;i :indl8(iJ resf.ect- 
ile east of the village 
Steuben Circuit, in 
■nv regularly organized 

ilasses, Rev. C.lgau is tli. : 

i the L r nii.'.| Breflircii Church. 

Ijilinr.iv. : 

upoo thesite of the present (J 
and it now stands on the sol 
east of the public square, be 
The present Court House w 

The first county jail wi 
It^Wiis in this, eelfthat Dicim 

i-\.-l iM'Ilf the l'\:|| \\';.U|,' ,V .l.t.-k-,,,, li ,|f r , 
'1'he eoillitv icyluin i.s |. „.';,!, .,| ,,„ ,, h,,,. |!., 
I'.'S. ihiff mil. ^ n.trilnvc,! d' Angola, the 1 

The pioneer members of the bar of Steuben County wn- fam 

iil'i-..'M. iincily from Furl Wayne. Fkiiii uiir ctrli'-i' ■ .i'.i,l 

e of Charles 

t the head of this list, s 
. lawjci'.i fr.-iu i 


B I Capt. Jobn K. Morrow cum.- ]» tv 1'i-m I.:, Grange in 1864, 

i „.. n.,k 

\ I- :. [i„,k It !!■-: l!.-.i..n,.n V lUw-mi. Gc»r^' B. 

■d tin- nam,-.- i.l' liruui. ,V H.r.v, 
[it : A Patterson and J. G. W. 
. .M.ldnn- :md James I. Bust, o I 

r of Steuben County ii 
, pure professional farm 


„n'r:.lnl- I- IriHi.w. <ili\ ■ -niTtil li 

,■■>,- Iir.-li (.iirpiisM arc to benci 

.nikmd hy ri-lii-viiii; 

alllu.u-li .am ff i 

...„.-.,._•.. I n. ■.-...-l.ii.L- ,.l-.-1 11 ; ". > . li ;""\'' '.,".'.',,. .,..'.,. ,_..,! .-I.l" I'm ml- ilu- lurmali'i, ..f .mw 

,,,1,.,,! „,..i. lb. >'.,.!, ..i ii..- I. ... . " i|i;i:ill , i . ,,,.. 1iiI „,,i 1 , i , i ,. 1 ,I'i1,.. 11 v:Iik ,-<p,-rmnu-sn D d observations 
Irmtt.-d !■■ ilu- >!'«■ l,-.ii.l.-n ^ ■ . Mi | Ui ||M i,.,,,,. S1 ,r.j,ry »r kimlnd -'.il-jtct... five .-lability to his 

a- f.:i-w- W Alj.l - W„ 1 C I) Rii-o. II f> W..od nnil J.. I 

Sn„".- n- lirst „ri-,in/aim.i 1 1 « - S... i- tv l.-i- iimnr-Miie a couplo of 

r .,.;...,!.;/ «, Lin ill. --.- it :iun.r .1. ..i.-.v.l its lir- 1 itH.-nl- and 

|.„r,..-,- whirl, li.v- r.t.iini.'.l im.H-t tuthtf pr.--.-n! ()l il„- ..r-.-any.-r- 
!,t -I- -S.-.-..-U l.i.i ..n- i- I...K a re-id-nt ..1 iW .-.i.mtv. vi/. llu.-l. 1> 
U'...„) Dr. line d.-d in l^T-i W Alpbm.*" W„-d «-..* kiii.d m 
l^tiS Ur Bwl-jiTi- Mi.-I..L'a.. I'r Smiil. in N.-W-kL. and 
|i, II...,.,,. mi-., in .: MiJ.-rd. I-.. I ==in. ■ -,i- ■■■.■at, iv Mi.. n i In l.d:..« 
,.,.. :iav, -b-.Mii,.- .,n-ml,.r. S,i,,u.l S.-. = li.-M T I! Uii:,,.,,.. 
11 N'K IWn. A W Carpentei T I' W.....1. Th.-udor- M.Nal.h. 
J- L. Hagcrly. 

S I, Dar 

FentOD, M. V. Crain, 

< L. Dart.. I W Kad^r. J. -I 
McLean, II- L Simth, A. V V 
(' V:.., Al.1w.,p. A C- V.-i.-.m 
.I,,,k,m, W W K ( ,x-...d Dr. Si, 

M.L.a.i. S H. Fuller, D. B. 

Dr. rin..ok». .1 [■ .leiikiiw. W. 
la..,.). II. Beach. C C Cutter, R 
twerp, J. 1. Gilbert, A- C. Ycng- 

S..11H; i In-rear.* win 

i|„ nK-.-un-.-..! "\'s..=-i.->vr. _-.ii..rlv n,d ' > •!■■ ;n:. reliam: ■■( " t Ii. .n-_- h r> 

:,i..l :!,,- nn-lK-,1 di.- H" - "1m I. ..i. '1 hi ■'. .till - ■ I...-H1.-J- ...rn 

:.. d,voi..p ll..- .l...r.i,t.-i -f di, .:>«■- ..n... i..' >■ ... .mil tin- I'.-m ..■^.■ni- l.,r 

Inii -- -i Plus .uly In "il-li-h d i.j .,in.-i-,..| :ii,- I |-l. 

y,,ur a, t mil and t, ban- iuii.Ii ..I tin- ud--i ami /,-n wl... I. will Hi ir 

-..-•.. n*. : .pp.-ar..n vui 1-II-. hut «it>, ii; :h. . i .n- - -t :.,... 

if you now Jo y..ui Si.-hWh I' i;. M.-.ln .1 S...i,-:\ «nl 


Melcndy, B. B. Hnlcomb. 

liui:. .I..I - It I..' i. I'l.. ,,r. -„: .,.!,.. 
*.mu.l >!,.!, -r S W K V..„ Ank.-n .1 

».iro: E.G. Mek-mij.' 

- rl„- u,v ( ..|h,,.,- i ....,■■_' W A W I. I i; 

M s S Kir.-li I' (' W Kr.MiL Ma.-art- 

. Muj.-;, Uec The Council now hiis I 
atha Lodge, F. & A. M , nf Hudson 
:!i (he 1..Htnviin: eharter members S 
Y.; John C. Henry. J. W. ; John Rim 

)uvid Go.-er Miehael Cline. Steward; 

l->.y-.-ai.- I! V [>aw-on. II E 

I . I) W Parish. P. C. W.; J. 
jrtyooc uieuibcrs. 
was instituted May 5, 
L Dart, W. M.; Eli D. 
I, Sec; Charles Schimp, 
; John H. Gray, John 

a Lodge, No. 180, I. 0. 0. I<\ wa- in-tinned January 12, 
.hi.t.-r m.-mi ;.- I.- in_- ]( MiKm-fry. J.— e J Mm.-.'. 

Linder, Peter L 
meeting. The first ofl 

Miloes, Warden; S. C 

Bowman, R. S. N G .; 

S. V 0.; Henrv Lindei 

Hcaton i 

it, No. 60,1. 0.0. F, was instituted J .me 2. 

tii-; nhViTs were G<.'»r»' A. Milnes, C. )' , F 
A U'..!s.neld. S W . Charles White, J W 

IM.ert l'..tter-..n Ttea-. Alfred S.-n 
j. 231, I (). F, k.i- or-am/.t.l at l-'renaoi 

. ;.. ,„.... -r- The first ofhecrs were (! A 
owera, V. G.. L. Ii. W.llian.s Sec . It. F. Daw 

E. G Melendy, Permanent Sec ; 

F., was organized December 22, 

V~I)arr„w. See . Jam,- KoJ^rs, 

- Oitt..,,. V 

Lud,<e No. 1.181. K. of II . was organized a 
1870, with twenty-three charter members, Lawre 
Dictator, and Samuel Bei-.'ht, Reporter. This t 

vidos for the relief 'of tl 
nd orphan iuiid. 


upatiuu lip 

t!u- Slate 

in; u\ \ .iii-l 
i.-.. .-nl.-i.d 
'.;,.„() R L -, : 

. ml Lieutenant Of Company K, 
■ i Nun-is S. Bennett, First Lieuten- 
inn named on first orpatiizatioii. S 
I' the regiment, ami held tin- pn-ition 

Fir-" Li.-ut.n.nt llir-.-, >im 'I 
Sin,,-..,, C AWrnh wa- C, t , 

■ nit ahlwu:l Hii-T lu-'.l the 

C Ahlrich al.crward was (*..l.»u-l ..I the regiment, am 

at the (iinc nf In- .bath On (lit Urst organization 

|;,;ti»\u .1 l"r..««' hi ».i. iu.i-1.- Lieutenant C.ilo... I andC.,ur",c W 

M.l'iai.;i tl.i.,,.i,r Ah o' tl.. same time, Si.-ul.eii ('...mi y 

i.i.T. ■ „!i-i, .1 in il„- Ui-::ini.:tit, iiiiiimg u'h.r- I., .u U ll ..., 

(1 H. Day, of Angola. 

In Am:-t. !<.;•_■ alull. mpmy II . w,- .mni-he-l (-., il,. S-venn 
t'.-.nli ll.-mi.t.t. — S 11 ll.ur-e. Captain. Lawreme - 

1'ir-t Li. -tit. mam . B !■' Daw S, . <>nd Li.-ui.ii.mi K 

tnll.iwii,-.-. a lull ,..m|,.. ; ,v ■ II- w.,v l..r the On.- I liiii>lr>--l>l. „m,.r- --I W i i>U. -pi.-. C.,p:am Or!,. I F.,-t Kir-t Lie,,. 
t.a.t.t K.Uv.n <;. -l-l-ii, ith S.L-..tid Li.-ui.iiui.l. li.-rm l{r-.«n. ..I' tlu- 

fu t"i„- l„:l „f 1363, nearly a full company was raised for tlio One 

II Ii,-I :a..| T,v,u.y.-,v-.,(l, K<-.-.iii.-i.:. Twell'l. I'.valn ..f w|.i.-li 

Mij l> W,i:-.„„- w.s m„|, (' :ipti ,ii, Al.uut the -m„- turn-. i( toll 
.-ump:.. ( > : A war. rai-.l K.r tl.- On, l|,.n-lr-h.t,<i Tw,-,,t vu.ntl, K- ■: 
mem of win, I, William II IV.,»,, Cpt^n . |{„ ;: .. Smith. F.i.t Li a- 
tenant, ami T S ll-.nin-v. S. -. - .nd Li.-ut, uant Capl Cole was after- 
w.,r-l |.r..tu.-ti-J M.ijur , Kimi y I J. M,-!,mlyw.i- Anjutant of the regi- 

Iu March. ISiIfi. nearly a full company (K). woa nt-ed for the 
i tu . Fifii.- -ii- 1 U-ii.i, ni ; ollie-r- -l-.l.-i M K\.-I,..ri 
f apt. iiu . Mail-,:, K,.,l-. r-. l-'ir.-i Lii-oteuatit , and .I-.lm T. Yi.uu-. 
S---.ii-i Lieutenant <;.-.r_-e K Voung was Adjutant of tin- r-^inicnt 

A lar-e prop .r!nii-..l il ark \ luntuers from tli- , — .mty r.--enl,-t(<l 

either in ih- ir own .-i other rejimeiiis. It is not an mer',- to 

say ill. a Sl,-.jh.-u County fun.i.-h..| ver one thmisu.-l m.- h. - r 

vice, i full i. ■ i.t -.1 l.ii-K l.r iv- and loyal soldi. -r-, wh iv.-ut f-.r:h 

Sell, W Murray, 1S37 to 183'J; 
m.-s Clark. Mil? t„ |s:W, John K 
■i, 1S:W. Stephen A. Power*. IHM 

1842; William ,M (Jury, 1S10 t 


s doubtful wbetber any c 

irivih-ge of dyiu- 
i- uf the people, it 


An Old Settler. 1 S.a. iv wa- •» Aulhi.-i .'■(. I 1 -? I ibr.nigh 
the eff-irt- ,.f Dr lie-ru" W M.Cotin.-ll. Lilaml II Si... k. r Ijeriu 
Hr-.wn an-1 others ami h .. i|..;,e iiuieli i;ood servn- in pn— n m-.' (I,, 
early neonls an I iiuid-nt- ;n tli- i-.-iuty history. T he S m.i y I. a- held 
s-v. miere-tiuj mf.-iiii:- ,u »I...-Ii times the liieiu-ui. - ..I the <l..y- are Hi ti-.-.r/-- W M C .nm-ll, IV-ukm . li-u.-- Uanliu,- 
Vice President, and L. H. Stacker, Secretary. 

o l.-fj. James W. Burden. 1^42 r 
to ISf.r. . James L. Warden, 1 mV. 
i lM.4. Robert Lowry, 1m14 to lUfr, 
. Best, 1873 n. ld7t.. J. 

is:;s- t,. lsn , Thomas 
1842; Jar-d H Miner, 1842 
]>■!:-, T, u ,., t l; l Kimball. 1-14 

(-r,el Stoddard. H:!7. Samm-ITuttlc. 

I ; N lii-.wn !'!.: 
it; Lno- It- ,il. 1-4.'. lu ls.'.f 
Coop,r, l-.-.l to 1852. 


, .la.l... --f ii..- C.r.nir Court w,i- ,-v :h. i 

rt until 1840. 
nos Beall. 1840 to 13U ; Alonzo P. Clark, 1841 ; A 
841 to 1848; Tberoo Swrrs-, 184S to 1851 ; Amasa 
1851 to 1852. 
robate business transferred to Court of Common Pleas. 

.Ind^f-s ,.| 

I ..l..ji. 

1-12 ; Robert Breckem 

1' F.rrv ISHJ « 

J. Dam 


K.Jhtc I. M...-la- l»ll ati-j 
w»rd R. Mny, 1847 and 1848 
Daniel K Palmer. ISl'.l ami lsfm; James L. Worden, 1851 to 1853 
Edwin R. Wilaon, H:> I r,. 1 S-".i. . .1 Smughtun, ls.ji; tc 
Chapin, I860 U 
.. tt. uapenter, 1866 and 
amea MeGreiv. lsTH I, 
William Ii McCnnell, 1873 I. 
78; George B. Adams, 1S73 to 

.1 ,m ■ II Copt 

Daniel E. Palmer, 185 
William H. Dills, 1856 t 
Joseph W. Cumroinjrs, 18 
Asa M. Tiukor. 1864 u> 1 
Morlan. 1868 to 1873. 

1854 ; Asa M. Tinker, 

Howe, 18HI., Mar.ll, 1 

i-.ark l'...v.r.' 'l-i:'. Il-.vtd' It 
Bald. op, l.-s-lli; Samuel I' Walo 
Kdwar.l H May, 18 PI; ,I„lin Si 

1851 . l-:.l«:,r.lT II. at. I- 

II. Slo-s. I85N,,, Clark. Ki 
11, N„l..s l.-I.J, Stephen 11. Sal, 

«:.i; . S.,,,,0.1 W S.....II.:. 1«5.. 

Stil; l'r.ioeis Mae.r y. 1st. 4 t 

870; Jesse II Carpenter, 1876 

18411 to 1811 ; 

,. m c,„ :~;t i., -i" llolo. it. .1. 1-tin t„ hij, 

'ilder. 1-13 to I-I5. Jolm L Carj'. 1SI5 t„ 1817; George 
noil, 1817 u> I84S ; Georpe I). War 

This office was filled ft 
ideon Ball, Stephen A. I 
ephen A. Powers, 1847 U 
injRobj, 1S59 to 1865; 

In 1873. thB office iMoomj 
office uas hcli^oJoho W. Co»c 


office wns 


•— K 

..-.'.. .-T./S;--.-. ■'■,■■■ ™- 


S i:=- 

'I- J 

>i i i.\i]..s ; ..■ >ihi in n . !■: m i i<v i ■■« n-ii I !■- i\ l-«n. 

iV ™ ".V.V.V.V.V.".* V.V.V.V.*." ill **!*.! *!1I *!!*!.!! ^ "! ! wi >, 



.■mi) ..f hiinl in ihc- township was Hindu by GarMt van 

Annvirj, N. a.mti.i 1'" !*:;:!. \ 
n.-ril^ :;•! .|iiari.r .■!' S,Tli"n 21> 

tiull I'n. Ulnl. |.illV Will, 1 

The second entry was made by Sam- 
half of the southeast quarter of Sec- 

u Ashton lomud land on Section 35, 
ear, Alexander Cliapin located several 

llrl 1 »a, 

March 'i'.i 1- ■ 
M Kinball 


ous UU und 29, Township 38, Range 

L. Hudson. The plat was recorded 
me an addition was made by William 

Mill Grocc 
aur.aud by ill 
a tiuiii- .mi -a 

was first settled in 1834. The early pioneers were 
rich i'p. nin.-s. and thought it w..uld be easier to obtain 
ic a here than ii would be in the unbroken 
portions of the couuty. The highly cultivated farms 
at the present time show what has been done in the 
n. nr. dunng the hist forty-five years, 
li-rs who came to the present township of Mill Grove 

The first Postmaster 

being the Pastor. The 

M.-tlmdi-t Mass in 1837. 

The I*ni..n Chur.-h wa- drdicat.-d in 1 
cost of $2,100. 

The Mills -r.-mid ihu lir-i grist 

organized iu 1836, and the fin 

IViK.u-. (.. 
,w„ l,ytm-„; 

■■ ,,(' (Irl.m.i. : 

' \'..Ti)i-.nt Settlui..-:i: 

t'l.rh. Walter 

...... It 

i ■.'. McOoi 

■ II H: i;. 

rge W 

M-I-.-.I, 1 

Cvrus Gray. Abraham Gray, Polly C 

and II. .■!. - > 

ii. i. ,.., 

y, Jamc 

M.I >.,!>.. 

Grin G..i.ln.b 


Uvi.-n. II .11,: 

The first 

uarriage was solemnize* 

2, 1836 

Kiiul.iill and Eliza Kalon 

Klder 1 i ..11 

UlL'llt.T ..1 Il.-lliaTIII 

P. Pierce. 

I-..II) »,l 

of AM, was 

Hie fir* p 


o died, her 

B34, by G. D. Pannentcr. 

The 1 

■l...t time ;.tl»r.l..J Capt. Barry d.,iiat,'.) lil.-ially to the .-tn.-rpr.-.- 

In-tllUt- Tl u„| iv,,. ,|,-nn] hi Infill San, ml Hi.rj.-r. , -■ i.r . in .:, 

I .;.-■> ■jrn.l.MUrd fr. .m Ann Arlioi I'luv.-rsity 1.,-in- tl»- first j.rm, .[-..: 
'I I,, ii. -' -r .1 1 1. ■!. .„„ inuud to pm-p.-r mm! iln- L-r.-.-k ir.u'-uut ol :lm r I- II 
i'.ci, whi-ri ruiru ■■! tliu youiiL- imn. Mi'l.ulimj tlnv, teaeh.T>. ■■(H-r.-.l 
rtn- senium ol ili.-n ..-..uiiiry. Thin uau-u.l a d.-eline in it- pro.-p.-nry 

Tin' mrvnii,-: ,,|.) s= trl.-r- ul" Mill Gr,,v>- a 
II Hbnclunl. George Stocker, Lelund H. i 
Stephen C. Sabin and witr, William Wil.W. Augustus Kimball. M i» 

!""t r> ,,t Mill iin.v,, Mill r..-i..lo in the 

■ inn . njuyiiiu 1 1,.- hi. "ii,-- l,r-,n-l,t ai i I 


■l-l.i. Will, „-.| .!,,..] I'„a win, oik,. I Spu-mL-.r V ISIif. Six 

M...k-I,'.r Ui. |>.]>u;..[i..ti ■.( th< ..Ml. i„. r,i u:,- ij,.,t, rial!, jn.-r--: I 

I.', th.' arrival ..[ H,nn ]).- r , .-, M ■■-!■ .. J H,-i:j.,( . il.-rm ami 

1-v, Ii. ,.u,- ami M.,r;.. M-.m-i ami Luvi ami Mar.., I...\vr 

The first seboclhousc was a Irani.' huildin.-, J4x:;»' I 

blacLsmith-ebop. Male teachers ree. iv.-il from $)• to ! 
The first school was taught by Mrs Klihu Sabii. in lfc 

The first store was kept by 0. D Pannentcr and Dr 

The first physician was Dr James McConncll. 

Tl.. ilm.l wa* made June 27. \»:i». by 
,. prou.MK.,1 .-nut, n.,t (Maud, and Vi.e Pr.-,id,-ut 
Lssociutioii of Steuben County. He entered two 

.■ Pli*a.-aiit, one on thu m,nlnia..| and lliu other oil 
I' lliu lake Burton Collins entered his land ou the 

;S.| of July. isr>. and built the fir-- l.-u-f k' ( Irland and Beau 

m, ■:,:.,, u.-d th.' t..!|,.«ini:' Denni- V H.k-i.K I..-land William 
HI,.-. 1- In. \ ll.nrv - t'l,,- J-bt. Wi'.ku.- Ovor-.-e Jno.h Malloiy. Clayfi. M-Ury K M.IK.ry A-.. M.,l!„ry. 

M.n m. .1- Im .\.,'„i. K limn,-- .1 1t..r-l..-k .1- •■ ,-l. T-w-l-i . Tb-iiia- 

Kn-tr. Huury S,,.,w. It S:ik-. Tl. - fulu.-j J-Uu Gr,, u Tli,r„n 

Storrs and Chester I). Salisbury. 

Tlmmas Knot! built the tee-in! b-.'j-,. in tin- lown>lii ( i, it being 
loeated on the southenst quarter of Section 15. 

The hrM sel I w.i- taii'.'lit ..n the |,la, .: now owned by E/,ki;.l 

Umw-i. Fidelli,. Till.t-ou b.-ing the teacher. 

The first,.|, r wn> KU.-i St, -., v . m.-. :in- l„in„- I.. Id „( j-rivate 
bou.-e.s The .-■. olid imio -i.r «... |,.|.,ii,||| Sr. , kor -,..w of d„- law 

Cephas MeCull.-r w-u- o. t tb- fir-i ..ttl,r> .nth 

:>. -bis wnliu- ■ K-I,r,,,ry 1 . lsSu , \* s.,11 living a. the :, 

James Lake was named by James Riley, a pioneer s 

Jnmotown. ori-inally eall.d Kauleville. was laid out 

bert and Joseph Hutchinson on Section 15, Township 

April 21, 1853, and Joshua Weyburn has since made un 

In this township are several nice lakes, viz , James, P 
nailer on. 

'I,M-I.' I 

Vailing a 

are now hvi.i-j m otl.,-r I.ivii-I;!]". t.ui II,.- 
Suub.D> firsr * ft tier.- will hnv [,av-,-,| .,w:iv 


I- l,.„i>,<l..j ,,,, tl., ti-irth by ri.ui, ry, Mi,li.,,n ib<- ,-ast by 
Cluar l,,k.- Township, on tli. .-■..,!!, by V,„k oil S„,:i T,.» n-lnp.. 
and on thu west by J.un.-iowu Tnwii.-bip It .■.impn.--s lra,ii,,nal 
Con-rf.-ioiial Town-inp::-», Uange 14 east. 

On one ol the l.. s t d,.v,- of " Au.-.i-t. I >=.!.". J-bn >!■ M ,l„u n„i.,i, l„-l 

In- b.,rs,- ahuii! a mil,' from tin- j.r. -. M v, ■!:,-.., ,,| Kr.-ui ami (o i.iui 

letDRthe firsr wliit. >,-itl.r in il,.- i.iwti-lup D.'in 

Mr McMah.m about (wo hours after the lattei 

■d to the seeond place on the list ol 

Till, .(>■»■ . ni.-r.d .-iL-litv ...r.- ,.| land, upon whieh the 

1-iiM- ..I Kra-u, r.„,.l.jiij m.w - ,„<ls Mr. M, M... 

north of Mr Tillotson. 

,i,i !.,,„- .I,i, I,,., I, Til. !-■■ 

of D.i.ury s. Jn'.-ob Hoop, 
ut.L- j;i, ]o31, by George 1). 


Burrom. Daniel Casn 
mid, Jacob Wolf. Sauim 
lies Lockwood, Ili-.iry 

J- .-|.|. I.I!'. 

Nearly :,ll ..f i 

N-.uLl.- LI: 

Toledo. The- mail 
each neck ; Willi! 
plction ol die Mic 


iip of York was established by order ol i 




, vl ,.„, ,.. l-|'i lli«- I.-'I.-ao.-.-om... I |. r. .11- . 

|. .1. i. ; . (VrmLo, 

ol ,m g50. 
,„:,l, Davia, 

la were obliged to go to 

loddnrd. His opponent 
yner's dr>t>ryard was the 

1 Gillette. The stone 

.hn Merrill, Justus ButWr. 
Israel Stoddard, W Huotsi 
J. Van Epps, J. G- Bun 

churches, a tii n' m1i..iII-..hi-.', !■■ -id. ■ mechanics' .-Imp*, etc. 1 
hti'.n is J.'iii Turkey Cr.'.k was platt.'d hy i'ortcr Jo 
Marcb.lS.Y7. mi Section lifl ' it I.-- never attained much imp- 
a ullage, hut its cut.V.M.nt <MHr,i : \ More lla> saved the penj 

Perhaps a greater j.i ..j».rti,.n -I' pioneer settlers -I Salem ; 

I'-me'r^ '!',' I'.-'.'L' r'.,'l'.' ::.m-.' It'll, y"'wh'l"lvliMk' 

1,-1 ;„ 1-,:;:, S.-.h W, Mumv. Naac (JL>v.-r. Ah.\aii<1« 
u-li Warm. k. .lam-, Korhr.,, ll.niit.-l t'omnon. ami perhaps 

iiLi-i. I I'art.-r I'.. tie la-' i i ■-■ trUman « -<t- m-l ■ i 

rl„- ini-rinaiinii rd.nivc r., the -oy luM-ay <■!' the towns 
■I ent-T-d hi.s laii'l ..n [|„ l-t ..!' \n_-n-i in (he fame ye; 

-I tin- lir-i marriage ccr- iimny in th<- towu-biji. 
. nor, I'l.irk hciliL' the parties united. 

bora in the township was Lydia Stealy, ffiet- 
Adnn- Her birth occurred oo the 5th of 

established at Angola in 1838, Dr. James 

a finl Btore in Angola, occupying a tamarack 

\„' . , P w re ic'Vi.Vrt I, Douglass, Daniel E. 
They came in 1838. 
II was the first physician, as well as the first 

.la, as well a 
iras orgaou 
The l.-wn w.i- i 

In 187U, (he Fort Wayne Jnck>,.n .V Sa-inaw llailma 
pl.t-ai tliri.ui'h tliet'iutny. ^in. wln.-li tim.- .. n- » .r. ..I |-r. 
dawned upon Ai.-»la. lie- plaee in .w omtainiiiL* » p.> 

'wichell. Adolphus Town, 
I William Carver, George 
iwife. Mrs Justus Butler, 


he fir*, entry »f la-.J in Sal.-m T..wn 
. hy Culeh Hopkins, wlui entered the 

T..W„.hip w.» made AlllfUM 'JO 

I'ha-.Olt KlU h;ii : 

ntly doing all they ism 
.-, which many of them 
.•it youthful days, they 

y pioneers are loft., many 

iar.l Knott entered 

K,lu.,r,| T Ha, 
C. L,hd-.'.l. (i,- 
H Sh.-nuii. i; 

ir-t -I good 

aJ. Mr- Martlu ',, 
Freeman Case, A. W. 

I ,- I.o.oo,^ ».- kn.oM, :,. il. If:..,k I'hurcli 
r w Li Siealy, tfflngh Elder Locke preached 

ouse was built in 1837, which was of a very primi- 

n..w contains many highly cullivntcd farms, which 



l';..,-'.„t l,,k- 

Mr Van I 

, Range 13, hy Daniel Till and San.u, 
it ami the Kmt W.,yn. and Ja- 

W .Murray. Keub.-n Warnick, Ahner Winsor, 

,si,-i McMillm S H <;.-..i-„--. Kl-er Thayer, Otner 


, the J>lh ..! ■J:il.U.M 1- :■".. 

.arter ,.f Section 62. The ( 
year, hy Eli;c- S Ko-.-. wl 

S.-puini-r. ..Nil tl-.e the 

; Mr. Stayner*B suggestion, the u.wnhlop wu> ehru-tened "Jackson." 

■, C. Burch, Oideoo Ball, 
Thuophilua Jackson and 

The first tiirtti ,ml :.)m. il.e llr-r -l.-^rli .nvnrr.-.l U.h.lur 2."., l$:i, r » 

In 183U. tie- <•• 1 11 :vjr ,if ■ Enterprise" was platted on Sectiou 

:j:! :.l T..uti<h.|. :;<.. 14. the pU- l„-.._- u..w kin.wn :,s 

Tli.- i> .1.1. -..1 .1" 

finallv |., ■:.... ..• - 

.- i.r..pnet..r I'll. (■■«:. did 

the espeoted u 

Kailneol was ilir.,.i^li H.iiiiilt..... .ui.l tl. 

to decay. It haa u population of about one In 

ediicatio sit 

utiona of the county. At t 


J.iwo, W .1. IK 

I.. J.i.k...,, I-....V (i,..r... -. 

Mrs Lucy A. 

Horn.*. SalOllol Tllltl.- K 


In this township i3 Fish Lake and Balls I,.ke 

The eitizens are p,-...-l..v.n .; .mil .-m.-ri-ri-invr. and h:.r ■ di 

ibarc toward tho development of Steuben County. 


The first entry of lam! in this .-.within was made by John C 

|U..ri.r ..IS,:,! ju ..I'-h.- -jiii.- ni...iili..l„hn K.-rr ei.' 

•tin Douglass, P. Hnag, i 
r, .lames Kelly, Jame* 1 

The first pchoolbnii-v w .s a -mall. 1.-- building, and was erected at 
ohland Center, and the first ohureh was a Methodist Episcopal 

The first mill was built in the spring of 1842, by Horatio E. Gor- 

The first preacher wa» K..I. . >u ,iy -, l'..-,-.\V,ll Baptist minister. Chut i- a -mill'.-. I....V.I m.ntly on the northwest 
rner of Section 20. It i- . .-..nvenient |>..,[ nffice for the townshiD. has 
:< -J i ■ In-. . i •■■ . i, -| - ami many ■■! the n.-.v-ar) 

I was located on Sections 
hat time, C. W. Goodalo 
ship, aud Pernor & Bar- 

ownship lino dividing it. 

e poipk- intelligent and li..s[,n.ibli: 



■■■■II.- ■■(■ hI.i- r.-i L ...'-.I M.y lv 1-.,", II,- wns married. .)u 

1865, to Martha E. S..«l.-. daughter ••( A W. A. Sowle. of Ango: 
rs. Gates was burn in New Vc.rk ami 1i.«l one child by her marriagc- 
>y Gates, who din) in ■•■■ • ■■• - v ltu:w •!■ -•■ ■-!>- after his marriage, 

summer ..f l.o>\ at tl.c advanced a»e of '.IT years. 

of the subject of this sketch were passed on the 

\ iguel 1 

02. the eventful period in our country 

d was mustered inn. the Unile) Stales S 

«... ..rder- 

into Kentucky immediately ..IV. r ,|. . 

k.-.-u ■-.;. 

tinuoos hard service, marchiu;! and cm.. 
md Tennessee, bravely following in th 

hn Morgan, without ever sreini; or catch 

tieor-.-M - 

.1 ... " | ■ ... .» .1. •! ■ 

of the w.„,l,l-l„. Southern Confederal 

!..■.'■■■-:. of toe Army of the 1'..- ... 

ended. «» mustered out of the service 

ghanics j.frcr the close of the war. After rttturn 


„ the antiiuiii of l«i;:> teaching a dislr 

I by in am ,».■ in Mils 


. Kail, ('".II.IV. 

!7ll. wall Nai.h F..i 
mber for the Fori V 

"ni.,n College Stark 

..t IHI.7. .■ii-.-a-.-i-d as clerk and 

71. .11. r th.-. 

• Ati_'u!;i High Si.-h.iu), wl.iel. i:mn|.leted his liter... 
..M,-'-.ur,-'' In' 1 -Tl" a. '!..-' Imk,...'. .M, .leal C .l"- 

jU.i :i number <>l tlie Klli-.'hr, ut II..1I-I. and l.a> .ilw.iy- I 

li.-|. .: In. ... it-, i...!. i..- Hi- w.i- th- tir.-. I'h-rV. ..( 
T..WI, Trn-!- lii- y.-.,r- II- w.1- l.-Ui- ... 'he D-m 

thin eu.inty a |....»r German buy. has, l.y . t.-r^-y. Iion.'jty 

. M.r.l. II. HI.,, 

in hi- native township at tv ml m- tl. 
ueh as possible. I ait-mlini 
rms, ingola High School three ten 

■• terms, thereby a.:.|i..rin^ a ^ 1 Km 

luugliUr of Christian 
lis, and she of New 
y 13, 1849, and has 

State Medical Society, en 
gan and Northwestern < 
State Society (■ 

of the ; 

1 1, A i, ■.■ I 
,.,, I), I',,,,, . 


CARFENTKU. -IFSSE H.. Auditor. This jcmlemuu 

low J .,;..! Kanny M-n . Ou |., nt,i . li- ., n.Uv.' nl Vermont ami liis 
wife ..I" ('..nne.-iicut. win, _ — c * i . - . I in (Jim-.-.. T.-»n-hip. ,.f tl.i- euniity, 

]S.')1. haul.- rem, I at •/■ i ... Ulie. II- "■ --_■'..... I n- -horily 

.- w.,i..|,-rf,il ae.-uinpli-hiij.iit and sue- 
father of the subject-of this sketch, 

■'Vurk I'.i.ruirv 24. Mi:i, wl.-re he 
nnab Lmiba Yeager, a nativo of the 
September li, 1820. This marriage 

.me year the y-ung started tur 

I ,rhj wl.iel, ... .• - m i..., 
lire, he is courteous and ge 


I) wl.u-h I. 

i-:j.i. t.i". 

perform the duties of his | when 


.1..-I 1 '■'! 

III. 1UII..T. »ll 


|., r „nd increased its circulation and pain mage, thereby 
lulue-s and its Alter assisting in publishing 
■rclhanayear, he sold ln~ im.-r.-i i.. Mr ,1. U Milkr. 
rictor. The official labors of Mr. Macartney have been 
tout by a painstaking accuracy of detail, and lie has 

■- i.l' his 'personal obligation*. In politics, ho has ben a U.-pub- 
■i,-.- the l,,]niation i.l' tin' party, and imiy nnm lit: classed ay a 

discharged" hi.- duiio- -piietly .1 

active business. Shortly 

,, k,,..ukdge -i 1 ho ooiniv. n- tonography it- ln-noy. ir, n-iiro-. its 

ii-miiiions ami it> p. -.pic. 1- probably >■■<-., ml to no other man. Ho lla-. 

i.r scleral \. ars pa-t. devoted sp ;i rc interval- of time to working up an 

,[, lt i\ A Tw,i,t\ ninth liidiu. 1 Ah-traet of Titles t.i all the Ian. I- in the county, and in this business ho 

'!' \ r , !"?"','!„',;■ "b'i- "'," ''' V ^ , 1 i 1, .\I.'ir*"l~.. l ^ , j rr i. 1 :'' '* '''rVceTcORNELITJS DALFORD, M. D. (Deceased.) 

I, returned <•■>'■ ub. 1. I'.aintj Ind.whor' h. torn, n. I Men aro apt lo be judged t.y wl it th. > >,:,■., ,.|,i. -d in lit- fin -»■■ 

1.. ■ '.. ' .,..■■■!■■■ nd ';> -"-!„-■ Ii;«rd and Im,,-. 11, i.i-'ry_ lo- J 1 "'^ j _^'- m |"> 

b™ Ouiniy, 1.. l-i. ■ Hi. 

inn,. „r 1,1. ,'ir,"- s.'i'i. 


111 f-7'1 

,vl,,.l, Ik- 1- liihi.L' - -l-.M- 

11,. and 

wil\ Imvi- I.i.i-ii'. r- - 

i'l„ .1 1. I'lu'iri'li -.iiK-i' 


Mi K.-v- 1- ;. I.i.-nl I'm"' 


( l:,li. -hint .1.1-1-1. k- „ III:. 

lor officiul. 


s.-['t.-n,l.,.i 11. , ism, UeitiL' 
Hi- r,.iiii.r Th - 11 


- M.i.-.n-r ii.-y 

northern pirl ol Ireland, where no 110.-1 until -ignieen your- .11 a-o. 
II,- then .'ini'TH..! i" \.n- n.;i. and .'i.-jaj. d in Lu-iue-- m- ir Hi- oily 
of N-w York, a, a surveyor and -ivil en-iu.-er. kr which .,coi M c,m..ii ho 
h oj 1..--H ..duo ited. V-t many y- ar.-. wli-11 i,..t pn.f -sionally employed, 

riod, at Hauipdon W.,-tohc-t.r l'..m,tv n. Marv \. Young. SI10 was a 
native of Poughkcep-ie, liiiirl,,- i.V... N Y.. and «'.- .»f Kngli-h 
parentage In 1>1'4. the family niuv-d L. Ontario ('..unty. then a com 
|, ir ativ..-ly n-w p.rsh.n - -T t ri ■ ■ Si lt .. et N-w Y.-rk In 1>.J:». the) umv. d 

family, moved t.. Cuvah- ,.. I'.-mt, <<■■■■ ai., r e they r.'-ided until 
I Ml", rth.r! tin ■;. u, ./d' . - .' -.t' . ■_ [■ i Ualmg in tl„. u.-rr h- 

chk-st ,.f her elnldr-.-ii. Mr- M A (.i....dal--, r-.-id. .■- at 'I'w.. -lii- 
dii-1 in -.-arly I D-arly thirty year- a-.-... Tiv,. ar- livm-. William 

,- was early impki 
r. This homo f r; 

class of s 

■no Co., N Y. Horomher 1. 1SJ7 

ned.'wiLh.T''. >J'; '■■ K-ho,o: 
ro she was horn. January Hi. 18"* 
i union, viz.; Cornohe., |) Fidelia 
and Julia lv Rice. The Doctor'! 

lir« occupation. 'Havin- inh.-n'.'d tr nature that spirit of true 

tion-a neeessary in lit-- hank- In- at tins time concluded that he 
intended tor s.-inetlutiL' 11J..1V olovatcd thai, a ■ lu-wt-r of wood and 
iwerof water," and inmi-di * ' . ■ 1 y -nt.-r.-.l tin- .ffioo of Dr. Andrews. 
ergen, N. T., whom he had kmovn uhil- a resident nf that city. 

>r found he could tru-i him in tlu- ti. Id. and kept him in the sulky 

never "known in tho i.tftoe. Tl,.i-. In- nainral tai-iits hrou-hl him 

ide circle of relatives and 
, we mourn the departure 

I,,..,, I- ih. „-i;.,v. A'^../ ( ../.'TI,.,i in hi- .li 

,,f a worthy hr,,ili-r and friond. wh.. has ,-v,,- rMnhitod , I- T ialUio.s 

and onefLry in tho practice «\' »nr prcf. — l.-n Ih-n-.-t and .-nnplo in 
hi.- natuiv and halm.- inanlv, l'on.t,,n> ami jn-t in his prd'o-.-ioiial 
int-rcourso, li- has iiidrand him-olf 1,, ,.ur kind and -r.Lt.-t'nl roni-in- 
hr. ,,„■«- ■ Snrh aiv the word- of hi.- old .;,u- n, |„„:iri.-. whh-li will v. r 

w.,. ,,uv- and ,.|,.a-,-iio. nvt CaiHifnl and d-v..t,,l t„ i he wrll-hoing of 

in- patient-, 1 ifoitnoj li-i- ,11. -i>i 1 y all -M ra-pro|; — i..|i:il aii\i-ty and 

(.yuipaHiy Ihr his juilioiits. As a oiii/.-n, a n-i'_dihor or a fn-nd In- was 
With. mi ivpr.iaoh 111 hi- family, h- was niiili.rnilv kind and -onsidcr- 

In Ins dealli.lho imdi-al pr.dr- i..N I1..-1 a \ahi-d nih.-r ; Angola, a 

w..nhy riti/.-n . ilie nation, a s h palv'u.t. I the t'atnily a kind and 


WILLIAM K.. the , 

, M..rr..« I'm. 

pilivha-d .■ 

, and she of IVnusylvania. His youth was passed 

', and, in his twentieth y-ai. ho w-nt t>. K-miaUvill,-. 

, where he r-maiu.'d ci-ht y-ars. and wh-ro 

li«nn.:r, puhltsh.d 111 Li-mn-i'. X-hlo C. Ind . where 
.1 (iv- yoars. tli. n came (.1 Ang-la. and. 111 July, lST'J, 
■■int.-i-.-l in the {{.,;,/./, and. in Jaimatv 1 -7- h- w 


to Miss' Eliza A. Pence, dau-hier of Sainuol X and Hannah Pcnc 
Mrs. Shollor was horn in Ohh. A.iiru-t Hi IMS, and has onechild- 

his paper is filled with tin- mo-t valuable nows and reading matter f. 
the general reader. He is a friendly, pleasant gentleman, and. in tl 

•I. <k highlv of him ;i< a man and tc w-paper publisher. 

TWICHELL, W. H„ Recorder. The Twiehells we 

anion- tho first settlers ol St-nhon t'..ninv the parents -if tins gentl 
man. Benjamin S. and Sahra Twi-lodl uativ-s of New Y r ork, havii 
settled in Jackson Township in I s:;i;. wh.-n- Hiev resided until deal 

Th- snhi-cl of this -k.'loh uh-w In maul, 1 on Ills fuller's farm, reeei 

conniv. N-.voiiih.'r 17, \<)'.< i" HIimf.i A link- a naiic- ,,f IVunsyl- 

vani.i'iowl lees horn horn C.rl-/. J and i;..l-.-n B. Hi-ks. both 

deceased. In l<~*. ho was .d.-.t.-d of Steuh.,, Canity 
and hogan his duli.s Novmhor 1 IS7!I Mi fwi-h.-tl i- well Uk-d 
in Hie oonnty. and uiakos an allahl.. and a't,u,iv,- .dlicial. and. having 

till, .,1 the Sheriffs ,,lli,i. iwior I., the 1 plo's satisfaction, they have 

shown (hoir ooiifidrii— in him h\ olrciing him Recorder. , 

WALLER, WILLIAM H., M. D. Anion,' llio modieal 

pra.-tih ■!'.- nt" 11 I'oiiniv. tho g-mk-nian wdn— 11. - stands at 

th- head of this lui.-raphv. I- roo.„'N17.-,l hy cv-iv lNt-lle_-iil , iuv-Ti is 
-Uikin.j d-crvrdly high ill Ins prof..-!. ,11 |-Vw pi, v.-o i.ins liaV- ri.-on 

l-w had', inli.-r 1 IV, no 1 iv g-nnl- llial ha- h-lp-d him to 

ma-tor tho uianv ddlioiilt pha-s and proPh-ms of inodiral .-ri,-n-o 
William II. Wall-, vv„- hum In Koldand Tovn-hip Snuh-n t'o Ind.. 
Nov.-inter ii. ]S1!I. and is the son of liariell and Jane Waller <o' 
Sink. V . nativ,-.- ,,f Ohio, wl atno to this ,■ ty about IMli. wh.rc 

..f i-ighl childr,-n- tliiv',. boy- I liw giils. all living— .nd Ins youth 

tain a good education, al 


iey holds in grateful r 

the Treasurer's'' ofi,,-. 'm.|.',oii,_ 'a .l,.,,.- of management. Mr. 
acartney was called upon in this emergency, and oi,d,-rjipp,.ii,iment 

rinTwhSoM h^ 

lizabeth L. Moffett. The I 
>ur children are the fruits 
irn July 7, 1860; Delaphin 

M. Ferrier. Mrs. 1 

1 hat ; , .,,. n.-r. hi 1 l,s a -pn ll of manly d.-l -rlnmat ion wdii.h is ' o- spark 

oiau, has the reaped and 1 ndeoce of the beat citizena ofp toUu S n 

"THO MAS B. WILLIAMS, M. D. There | not » 

|.|iM.i-i. I Sii-iili.-n I' t\ nil.. I- b-ll-i kinovi, lln-.aigl t f h-Ngtli 

and breadth llian 'I'homii.s li Williams, ,,1' Angola. Lncalil., |,"-i.o..rK 
twenty y-ars ago. I t-,nd.- in da> .,- ihr ivgular nied' 1 ' 1 l jri ','' l | L " 

lit. 1 .,ry education. In |s;{||, he eame to the I'nit.-.l States ■"' settled 

I N III 1 1^ 4 iMuAon 

Clerk Steuben CircuitCourt. 






■ p $y$k$ 


Ljuul, H- £>&rfu 

¥ }6 <%?**-&/&<& 


i?, Slk 



r | °. 

s F^ad 







PJK & A^*~- h* 


L i t 


^P 3* W 



STEUBEN REPUBLICAN is one of the oldest 
»blislicd papers in Northern Indiana, and enjoys a 

I and printed entirely at home. The Steoben Repub- 
• is a comprehensive, intelligeni journal of news, politics, 
ture, general information and enlightenment. It is the 
f the proprietor to make the paper a perfect mirror of 
icastern Indiana in general and Steuben County in par- 
r. It has a large corps of village and special corre- 

The prominent features of The Steoben Republican are its 
Information Column, Children's Column, Farm Column, 
Humorous Column and Personal Column. In the future, as in 
the past, The Stedbeh Republican will be true to its name 
and will ever be found battling for the noble principles of 
the glorious Republican party. It is just the paper for the 
fanner, the mechanic, the merchant and the professional man. 
The aubscription price per year is 82.00; six months, 81.00; 
three months, 50 cent* 1 . 


with the most improved power presses, a power paper cutter, 
the latest styles of type, border, rule and a full stock of 
printers' stationery. The most experienced workmen are 
employed in the job rooms, and a large amoum of first-class 
letter press printing is turned out each year, at prices to suit 
the times. Orders solicited for all kinds of book work, cata- 
logues, circulars, letter heads, bill heads, envelopes, eardSj plain 
and colored posters, sale bills, etc., etc. Orders by mail will 



Editor & Proprietor Angola Herald. 

I ' 

Public School.Fremont, India 


Exchange Mills, Fremont, Steuben co., Indiana . 


WM . Ferrie-r. 

Mrs.Wm. Ferrier. 



Highly favored in many respects is Steuben County, and to her natural 
attractions, fertility of soil and beauty of 6cenery the zeal and energy of her 
pioneers have added mnoh. Pioneer life is well calculated to develop latent 
powers, and it is to be hoped that the sterling traits of character so prominent 
in many of Steuben's early settlers may gleam forth in the lives of their 
descendants, and that record of early trials and hardships undergone by them 
in reaching success, may stand as a bright page in their family histories. 
Prominent among the names of those who have developed and improved this 
county is that of William Ferrier. His grandfather, Andrew Ferrier, a native 
of Ireland, born in 1769, came with his parents, in early youth, to America, 
and settled in the State of Pennsylvania. Here he married Catherine Wil- 
loughby, and of this union were born twelve ohildren, David, the father of 
William, being one of the number. The family moved from Pennsylvania to 
Harrison County, Ohio, where David was married to Susan Hendricks, a 
native of Maryland. To them were born the following children : William, 
Mary, John, Andrew, David, Jacob and Martha. The grandparents of William 
Ferrier — Andrew and Catherine Ferrier — settled in York Township, Steuben 
County, Ind., in 1844, where his grandfather died soon after coming, his grand- 
mother removing to Williams County, Ohio, where she resided until death. 

The subject of this sketch was born in Harrison County, Ohio, May 24, 
1823 ; moved thence with his parents, in his eighth year, to Seneca County, 
in the same State, and located near where now stands the town of Fostoria. 
This region was then the far frontier, the only house there at that time being 
the humble abode of Charles Foster, father of Ohio's present Governor. After 
fc «* residence in that vicinity for about eight years, they removed to Williams 
Cou'r.ty, Ohio, and, in 1849, to Steuben County, Ind. Here, on his farm, one- 
half L,Tik east of where now is the village of Metz, he served as clerk in his 
father's; store. Having spent four years in this capacity, he purchased the 
stock oh hand and began for himself the life of a merchant. HiB marriage to 
Olive M. Thompson, daughter of Robert and Miriam Thompson, of Williams 

County, Ohio, took place March 14, 1860. 

Mrs. Ferrier was born in Warren, Trumbull Co., Ohio, March 20, 1831. 
In her girlhood a school teacher, she brought to this new home longings for 
educational advantages that the time and place could not satisfy, and with tht 
passing years came the firm resolve that those given unto her to love and cher- 
ish should have opportunities and privileges that early days could not furnish. 
Three children were born to them— Amanda, the wife of Dr. W. H. Waller, of 
Angola, William W. and Dora, the latter the wife of Stephen A. Powers, of 
Angola. David Ferrier, the father of William Ferrier, died in thiB county in 
June, 1864. His mother is still living ; she is in her eightieth year, is pos- 
sessed of good health and all her natural powers. 

Mr. Ferrier continued in the mercantile business until 1868, when he 
retired for one year, and, in 1869, commenced business again in partnership 
with his brother, Jacob Ferrier, at Metz. Soon after, having purchased his 
brother's interest, he carried on the business alone until the summer of 1872, 
when he permanently retired from this pursuit. Coming to Angola, in 1875, 
he has since been identified with her interests as a capitalist. He is a man of 
generosity, enterprise and public spirit, and has always given freely of his 
means to all religious interests. In 1861, he was instrumental in having built 
the United Brethren Church at Metz, giving largely for this purpose. Of this 
denomination, he and his entire family are members. As a business man, he 
has been known always as open and straightforward, resorting to no trickery 
or chicanery to bring about desired ends. Though never having many educa- 
tional advantages — being permitted to attend, in the primitive log schoolhouse, 
but about eighteen months of school — he has in many ways shown an interest 
in the cause of education. He is to-day a living illustration of what energy 
and patient perseverance can accomplish when backed by a rigid economy. 
His early history was indeed the short and simple annals cf the poor, and yet 
he has, during the passing years, by industry and economical habits, gathered 
around him many of the comforts of life. 

Residenceo'LaWRENCE GATES, CorWaynes-South Sts, Angola, Ind. Residence ofWiLL! AM FERR1ER Angola, Inc 

Residenceo* Joshua Michael, Fremont tr $teubenCo,ind. «»«»"»•"»•""«•' 

Cornelius Van Horn, 

MV Sally Van Horn 


This old and respected citizen is a true representative of the sturdy Hol- 
land Dutch race, who have made, their mark in every clime, and done so much 
toward the development and progress of civilization throughout the world. 
His grandfather, James Van Horn, was a native of Holland, who, after his 
marriage, came to America and settled in New Jersey, where he and wife 
resided until death. Several of the Van Horn family came from Holland at 
the same time, one of whom became a gallant officer under Washington in the 
Revolutionary war. James Van Horn was the father of six children, his 
youngest child, James, being the one with whom we have to deal. He was 
born in New Jersey, where he grew up and married Elizabeth Hall, a native 
of that State, and soon after moved to Seneca County, N. Y., where his wife 
died. He was again married, and removed to Niagara County, of the same 
State, where he remained until death. 

The subject of this sketch was the son of James and Elizabeth Van Horn, 
nnd was born in New Jersey November 11, 1795, and remained with his father 
until he was twenty-nine years old- Having left New Jersey when but a year old, 
his youth was spent in Seneca and Niagara Counties, N.Y., and in the latter county 
he was married, January 12, 1825, to Eliza Jane Philips, daughter of Noah 
Philips, a native of New York. Mrs. Van Horn was born in Niagara County, 
N. Y., October 7, 1805, and had children, viz., Sally, Ann Maria, Caroline, 
Noah, Hannah E., Cornelius and Malissa— all dead but the eldest, Mrs. Sally 
Jones, of Scott Township. After his marriage he settled on a farm in Niagara 
County, where he remained nearly twelve years, when he came out to Indiana 
and entered 120 and bought 40 acres in Sec. 31, Fremont Township, Steuben 
County, and 160 acres in Jamestown Township. In the fall of 1836, he came 
with his family overland, to this county, arriving at his land in November of 
that year. He built a rude log cabin in the woods, close to where his residence 
now stands, in Sec. 31, Fremont Township, and thus began his pioneer life in 
Indiana. He had not been a year in the county until death visited his house- 
hold, and took from him his loving wife, she dying October 9, 1837. He was 
again married, November 3, 1841, to Hannah M. Getter, who was born in New 
York in September, 1815, and had four children by her marriage, viz., James 

Republican party, he enlisted in i 
attachment to its principles. He 
missed a 8tate or Presidential vol 

C, Eliza Teresa, and two died in infancy. Mrs. Van Horn died April 30, 
1847, and for ten years he mourned her loss, when he was marri^ii ;i?:nn, 
November 13, 1857, to Sally Purdy, daughter of Horace and Sally Purdy, 
natives of Vermont. Mrs. Van Horn was born in the Province of Quebec, 
Canada, June 8, 1815, and, in 1837, came with her parents to Michigan, and 
has since lived most of the time in Steuben County, Ind., and now, in his old 
age, she does what she can to make her husband comfortable and happy. 

When Mr. Van Horn came to Steuben County, he was in much better cir- 
cumstances than most of tha first settlers; still, he had to oontend with the 
many trials and hardships that all had to undergo, Elkhart, Ind., and Adrian, 
Mich., being the nearest market towns, and the uncivilized Indians their prin- 
cipal neighbors. In politios, he was a Whig, but, on the formation of the 
ad is still as firm as a rock in his 
irst vote in 1816, and has never 
3e was Justice of the Peace in his 
township three years, and, in 1838, built a steam saw-mill on his farm, which 
he operated Beveral years. He has always been in favor of public improve- 
ments, and believes in educating the child thoroughly in the best public schools 
the county can support. He now owns 260 acres of land, free from debt, and 
has never had an acre of it mortgaged. He has owned much more than the 
amount given above, but disposed of it, as " old age crept on apace," and he 
found he had more than he could attend to properly. 

Mr. Van Horn is now in his eighty-fifth year, and stands as one of the few 
human landmarks who have seen Steuben County converted from a wilderness 
into a garden of fertility, and he can proudly and truthfully say that he has 
done his Bhare toward this wonderful growth and development. In his old age 
he still retains those vigorous and industrious habits that characterized him 
.through life, and is in the enjoyment of good health. He has never been con- 
nected with any church ; the Golden Rule has been his motto, and, in a long 
life of usefulness, his actions have always been tempered by moderation, sobri- 
ety, constancy, integrity, veracity, morality and patriotism. He will leave to 
his descendants a record that compels admiration of his worthy life, and that 
they can point to in these pages with just pride. 

T 3SM 'RJ3E £*£ P.M 

HaP of -|f JLVMESI^OW^ ^L "Tu^ 



£r ■— ? 

W&b" llfdip 

Hv f .JJ ^ 


l/j^yy l7<>lJj VfiHAy 

fufmSmdi "r- M -^ 

GEORGE W McCONNRLL Count His brother* Robert Willi 

i ^r^hX^'^ 

o °%^l^r.L i "a^t 

ffwfi?th?«™ °t,"VS £l,M wloV^U , V 

as Captain of ui* ooi, [,.,.,;,-. -..i -.-v.f throughout Unit struggle for inde- 
pendence. AfUT Hn- >v,r .-! I, h., r,.|.jnifi (o Kr,.nklin ' v. IVi.n . 

DR. JAMES McCONNELL— (Dkokased). 


tzz \ ^ ' is^iuih^ m£"i^| e 

Mr^M^T/JCn^wLui^nTL^^™'"','" " IsSS 

S^fpLl l',L, II ' ' , ' ' TbZ^J^TZ 'and." 

■i ■ ' ' ■'■ ' '.MtLiLber Koherl, nr.. hum") in Rocky Spring 

MidBambM Mli^oi,..; < if r !,..... . K^, vrl . - :UI „,, ; | :il|ll y ;l( ., u , M ,,,.;> Li 

,:..,.! Ikjk , u ,,v...| „, .M,.., !1Q ,i|^,ll,, '»!.,.,. :,„ 1 m M:,y. lS35,came to 
Lmi^UiT,,,,..., .,,!,„! r^.terrii-ij .1 rt ].M Sr.-.L-T, ( ount y, Ind., now 
' ' ' " u j 1 ,;,,,,. t , lll[jt v. „Lol ji .uli thus beaeeu Ihrl 

inl'ui.-y. J.. .|..i u, jnr ..iL-lj.h y.i.i Mary A id la.i mall,, aad JohD L. was 

Of if-' ..I..U-'.. mu-Tinpt. Iftflvr cbihlnn w.-n- >■■,,, vi , : : ' \Krv " . . .I,m„- 

. " ' T ^^^^^^^"^^"i^ 

vifn-ii^- f>r.ieii.<: be hrfl ..-!, .n,.-t n, l,,r„-, II. ■ «■„- i !l( , tii ■( ! lijMa.i;i ' 
Vf 1 1":;7, 1 ■■■.,.,. ! 1 11 ; ,N-i 1 1 ,,i' ^i--.if.on uty f<tr (lie 

MclV„„,.-li -. iu.u .-nifi-i, r.-, i 1 ..inty, >V ;,i, hev. G.'orge Luckoy, 

'■unnMnjI-urp, IVun , in 177-1 V,,-..,, Burr ;.n.| Luther Martin, of Hal ti- 
Aaieter of j...-,,.i, ind -(..■ &ei George [mokey married Rev. James 

?'""'"-"' ! :fi..i. «-..■;: ri,,. ,, r . ,-,.,„,.,,. ph",,-,,','^!, M .'■,.,%.,' V-V.r! , „.'. 

rJ r. [,-:„,„.;,■, v.hnli yunsr M.m-.i,, inf. -ut ,.., ■ |„. .f.... r . I„! not eeo. Th'3 
I 1 M II Ik llf 1 1 

laughl at Ibt f'.ll.,-.M„ t ' pi,,,.- M-.r.-hvi-l. Vn I.. --. i n_- ; -i --t, . , ,.. \'. r .,,, n -- 

1 D 1 1 L j. I 


3* AH 


rjykcgjffly n ^ i v^ , 


- ' ■ 


* 35. 



Lv T^I II? 

!» ,. 





pi EC, 


'i it r /■-„ ■ 



Residence of DR.T. E. BIERY 

J. G. CROXTON, Proprietor. 

Reuben, Co. .Indiana. 



WMM'^ ^ 


m, n f m 

¥*SC ^* 

arc if 



.^-^A^^gg&iJBaM^afe^- H : 

Farm Residence of JONAS TWICHELL, Jackson Tp.Steuben Co.,1nd 

Farm Residence o* Alvin Partridge, Mill Grove Tr, Steuben Co., Ind. 

^^__ c^YVj ^^^ 

L Physicians 

S teube n 



ylA<?z&^ xl'a^^^ 

,|| STIN HAHUVi-<l>E ( 

si-ecd silently away, leaving gray b 
ndmire the man who, realizing tl 
opportunities ; for truly " (Jiere is i 

plenty. Hia father, Ebenezer Darling, i 

I Slat, |,, Mi-<.[,ii.hi.. ivlx.-rt I. 

married Irene Burchard, to whom was born the following children 

rvti..- K., Ltu-ih.):, >1. film- M , Man ]■;.. Dani.-i. A.ui-Ik, 

A., Louisa J. and John A. 


Darling was born in Williams town, Mass., January 24, 

1813, and 

when a boy his parenta moved to Madison County, N. 

T., and in 

a short time removed to Erie County of the same State, 


" - County, N. Y., where the parenta resided until death. 

October 8, 1837, to Miss Khoda Jackson daugh- 

Hesadiah (McMillan) Jackson, he a native- of 

"ermont. Mrs. Darling was born in Livonia, 

October 6, 1818, and was the third in a 

Theophilus, Mary A-, liboda, Alta M., 

John, George C, Andrew, Lucy J. and Ellen Her parents moved 
to Cattaraugus County, N. Y., about 1830, and, in January, 1842, 
earue to Scott Township, Steuben Co., Ind., where they remained 
until called from the scenes of their earthly labors. Mrs. Darling 
had one child given to her — Lucinda E., born November 2, 1838, 
who four years cheered the mother's heart, but she was not destined 
by an all-wise Creator to remain on earth, and, January 2, 1843, 
He claimed her as His own, " for of such ia the kingdom of 
heaven," After marri^e. Justin Darling and wife remained 
in Cattaraugus County, N. Y., about two years, and, in September, 
1839, came to Steuben County, lnd., and settled in Steuben Town- 
ship, close to the Otsego line. where iliev I..-lmij their pioneer life in 

had a small clearing and a log cabin with clapboard roof and split 
puncheon floor. Here they remained eight years, contending with 

' Darling'B Addition " in Angola, who 
n bought the present home of Willia 
ded a large farm on which much of tl 

following spring movi 

State and settled at Appleton, Outagamie County, where he continued 
the real-estate business until his death, October 7, 1868. Justin 
Darling taught the first school in his district in Steuben Township 
On the breakiug-out of the war, he took an active part in raising 

ana Volunteer Infantry until after the battle of Fort Donelson. 
Mr. Purlin- uuii.-d with tin.- B:i[.'.i>r denomination in the summer of 
1*43, in Otsego Township, but Mrs. Darling had been a member from 
early youth, having joined the church in the town of Springville, 
Erie Co., N. Y., ia the fall of 1836, to which denomination she still 
firmly adheres. She ia a woman of rare judgment and good senao, 

helpmate ; watching zealously over the interest* of her household, 
and cheering her husband by word and deed to the accomplishment 

was a member of the Appletou Baptist Church at the time of hia 

death, and remained steadfast to the cud in the cause of Christ, with 

a atrong and abiding faith i 

were brought to Angola for ii 

ncntly to that town in the spring of 1869, where ahe now resides. 

Although he came to Steuben County a poor mau, he left to his 

and frugality. Politically a Republican, anti-slavery in his viewa, 
and a rigid advocate of temperance, he yet did not let those princi- 
|.l. h interfere with his duties toward his family, hia neighbor and hia 
God. In every relation of life he was strictly conscientious and 
honeat, and in his death the nation loat a patriot, the church an 


) ■ ffl -H *>JJSS 3 ; ii 1\ *■= lit n ft • ^" J <5 fc*n *ioj- r »--"i;i ... ... " J ""?' j.J « ' I 
















HP ' W^' 

" 'k 

M- s Hannah Jenks. 



M? Mary Ann Powers. 

V OF> 



}f^n/ny 'Q/owrp 

Mr Betsy Powers. 


[ Ord^i*- ^TnJ-eXf 

m Hannah Powers. 

&'t&^i*. .^'- ^V 

/ X i 


^ /' 

"Cream Ridce Farm" the Residence of JOHN A. DELLER, Steuben Tp. Steuben Co.Ind. 



. :? K 

Grange Farm'the Residence of CEO.H. DELLER Steuben Tp. Steuben Co. I 

MAi , a»K ■(( OTSEGO; it 'I 1 '*? 



f O^fvE 


■ WHi-n -■' --■■'-■-■•'...,:. — ' - *T ' " ' 


Jam- Ri.ir_'-s:_. a native ..|' |\„.-h,.id. t,i whom w._< born ten ehiMren 
R.i..min- prominent!-, |.|. nut;, .1 wuh 1 1 . - ■ W i-hm-:. mm. T.inj-. r.irne 
Mi iv.rnent. In.' moved in I Mil i., Piii-hur-h. wh.n- he : ib ,r,<i /-■..). >usly 
for the cause of (oni) -r.t) ■ He w i- w.-l! kn.iun ■hr..ii_hoit tin- eon- 
tiuen! of Amcri.-ii, a.- mi. of the luosl .md earnest u-iuper.inee ...U- <>l 'tli.' day. .. ■■■! w.i- imbu-d with ever, eli. ulat.-d in 
rescue and exalt fallen humanity. He continued in this noble work 
in. nl In- <h:,ih. which ■....!■,. i m' Pl.vr,.,i..l.OI,.,, Tic- siibj.-ei of ihn 
skoteh wa- the >.-l-.i,.I ;k .... I. mil, .m.l was Imni ill Kihnu M.l, 

September ii : is:;s ; r . .■,,..1.-1. in i - ii miiI, i,.- [..-.v. ,.i-. i . r.i'.i.ii-i.. 

Peim., and in IS 17, t.. s.iL m. Poluml.i ma P-. . Ohm. where In- -rew i,. 

maid i an. I rn.ivi.l . 'it-: . I i-.- hti-rar. ati-.i -.i.-ui.lie edurulion. In 

1 Still, he entered the . lit,,.- ,.f Dr i: W' Spier. ..' ri .bin, (II, i,,. rem iiii- 

Dr. M. f. Brooks, Ci I Surg i the I nited Si ilea M n n li- ipil .1 

where he remained as si iiuYui ;in-l r. -1 lent phy-ieian until April ISiil. 
; his Studies al tli. Mamie |[..-pi'.d. 

;r of lHtJiJ. Hv was marn.-.l in Angola. Auirusl !l, lStiG, to Miss 
; Carkhuif, dau-l.i,, ..I \V ; .li mi Caikliui: i deceased), one of tho 

me child, William n" Will..,..,- ., .. ..f (In.,- Vra- 

ty, also of the Sfeuhen < i.untv M.-h-al mm! Smirk.) Society ft 
c of Dr. William-' standing as 
.mil .-ir_*. ly hi- 

sion. His early medical 

ami (limn-bout !iis 1 :.,•',--■... :,al . ir.-.-r. he ha- alw.i.- mamtain-d .,n 

up,i_-|it and li, uioral-: p-i:.-.ii g 1 1.,- ,1 limit) ,,f Indiana 

Dr. William., in bis . v. ry-day lift-, is .1 pi- i-ant. all ibb -. riilemm free 
hearted and friendly, irur a,- steel to In- Ilk -n i.-. ami umompt -jiil' 

In.' is Will a. la].., ',1 for il„ sphere he ha- cho-.11 through i:l. I >. ,.-i, d 
in his calling. In.- is yet !r--e from ocrbe .rid- iilitii.L- that many 

prnf.s-i ! men i'arry with .helu intu social lib- Hi has man. friends, 

who admire linn io I. -_-l,t . . 1 r— 11. in- |,rofi--l'.ri. am! -;r light- 

forward a. [i-.iis in all hi- ■!■ .Iiu-- will: bi- 'ellow men II.- i- polite and 
.uuii.niis toward ever; •■','■ md ha- w.,i, tl„> cmilidi ncc and (a teem of a 
lars.e circle of Steubi n - *■■• — 1 worthy citizens 

~ WOOD, HUGH D-M.D. Ti .- a fact worthy 
ibai marly all of tile < niim-iU un-li of this country I1.1v 
from obscurity to 

and the people recogi 
In ihi- -enlh-man wli 

the In-best reward, of life In a word, tho 
jlers— come ty the front in every walk .if lit'.-. 

a— success. Hugh D. Wo..d, was 

|...rn iii Bambrid-e. Cb.'i.m.-. ('.. . N V..luueJ> 1 S.iti, and was the 
.-on of Jo.-.iib Whee.i W.....I. w|„. «-i.i,.M, in New York m IjJlH.ot 
Im.l'Ii h on_rm, and Sai.,11 Waod ■■■- I'-.i nli.un. t,..rn in ( 'oiuie.ii.ut, 
August :.. IS114, and.,!' W.!-b deseent. 1 1 is pareois w,-re married in 

at, nut 1 -.-.(;. to De K .lb f..,i-,rv. I, j -v.,.-i.- i, - lei r died 111 !-.",!. liH 

I L 1 l ■_ I , IV. wa- the -i^,- .-, ilaioi:;, ,1 mn. ebildieu u..i wjs bin , boy 

C,,„i,iy (Mii.., ami ['■ K ..'. I'oi.Iily. Ind . the im-t ol wbi.-l. !,<■ paid 
lor by "doing ebor. -' b.loro and al'iei -eb....l hours In )S5(i, he 
atl.-nded I lie North, .-'■■rn I ■■■ I ■ a., I. - en-. ..t I Irian, I. Ind .one yejr. 
and all. award Ilillsd .!.■ ('..ii. ■_.-.-. M.ciin.i'i. until ls.'m. which com. 

plet.d bis liirrary and -enniilie ed-.ieal |)urin_r bis eolle-e lib-, lie 

tan-In ...h. ... I several 'erm- -.y wbn 'n b. was ni.d.led to work bis way 

tlirmtL'li I'ullf'^e ind, 1 uKikK and .maided. Hisv.k.H -and spare 

moments lie devoted :.. r. „bie_ ni.--li.-iiu- uml-r hi- brother, W A 
Wo„d, at that time re-nlioj at MetZ In I S..H-I.1 , alVr I- ..v : n_r egl 

al ih,. Mt-ii.-.i! !)-p:.r-. -. ■ ' ... -iy of Hull".,!.. N V. and in 

ill] the . -u-.m.-v c:ius,,| I.. 111.' dealh of bis broth,-.. W A \V I and 

in 1S7;:-T-I he alteiid. i , -.-. u. ral e.,ui>e ol hainr,- at thr.e dill' 
medical schools of N.iv York By the ah >ve. it will be seen that he 
Ills had ;, lhoroi_i_h i-lu- ili-m in every h o! bi- prof. -.-i,m. lull not 
eonl. llted Wllb tills, he i-ail .lid- I.,:,-.' iba -lilder.l ami by coli-taii. 

Df W...J wa- on pL.-i-aan- who or.-Mii/.d ti..- >1..ia .1 Col!.-.- 

" ?as lb- ordinal. .r ..I :be 
I'tAo Board of Trustees 


of Fori Wayne, of w -... I, I,.- w.,.s a trustee, and was the on-inacr oflbe 
r.-nr_raiiiiatioii of that collc^ 
ami Dean of the l-'aeidly lie was married in .Ins eouuly, Defend 
;;, lSt;:!, to .loanna Powers, damjliln- of llie Hon. I 'lark Powers and 
liaiiiiah , Kek-liein. Pow, r- natives of N.-w V ork. Mr-. Wnnd wxs 
born in thiseoimly Deeem!,,., hi. IS 1.1 and l..»- had iln-m ehihlr.-n b\ 
her niairi.e.-e, milv one ..f who,,, i- livin- vi/. . W.-ir W 'Hie Doe- 
tor is a member of the tffuben (l.univ Me-beal Sneieiv— wa- us 

( Indiana;. M., Ileal S.-eiely ; ol ll,, Mu-lin. .,, S.,.|. li.-rr, , I Soei--U 
of tin- .\ui..-ri.-an lie.lied Assoeial Inn and .,f the 1 uh-nial i.mal Medi.-.i 
Coiil-i-u.-s, iii ISTli. Dr. Wood- sp.-eially is sur-eiy, 111 which he hie i mo.. - 1 ■ fl V - - . I ' onr-rations 

of riur : _vry. Gyii.-colo_:y and Clinical Sur-.-cry 

h> .nr,v d.-re, ,.! A M from llill-d de (\ 

ph>-i.ian. Dr W ! stands ,„ <(„■ Irorii rank 

Profe.vor I descent. Krustus wns horn ii 

■■Hi.:: the pari 
|.i,.-k,r\ ;- in. 

.:;' wm.',;',!',, 

Dr Wo, i . 
.„:..! 1- H.-.-.J. . 

of his opinion <>ii ail siilm-i (s 

WARREN ALFONSO WOOD. M. D. ( Deceased i 

Whiisi 1 .;-'.. r > i- pbi,.-..|.i.v libi-tr.Ued. I .,_rr u-'ny 1- the lamp ■■! e\ja' 

lllu-tr.iiioii of a lar-e .lav- ..f -o- ■ vbil men who. without minify or 
mil. ,. lr-.-u.l-. bavi- ris n by imlividn d pbuk and en. -r_'y to 

l.aliv,- :.f t'aliada. of KiiM-b ;. .1.1. 1..-.', ivb., u. .v. -Do N.w V -rk Sla'e 

,. ,-"!l - \.\<\, I ■ \\' d -.I.. *,. I. ..11 in Vh Y i'.,",i: !•'■" «l: r- 

Aunust S. 1811-.. of 

Wel-b de.-eeul lo wi 1 Was Lorn ei.lU , vi/ . Warieu. AM. 

I.h..,l..-lh ri.irah I'hedmia. Ilnjl. D . Melvu,... Theodore I- and Pred- 

trick li Tile -11I.1 -. 1 ol tin- bi •\ wis b..r Huuhrul-. I'lu- 

n.1,-0 (.I. N. Y .' H bman '.'::. l*17 . and. 11. I Shi. n,..v. d with h- 
p.,r.-nt-to Wilbam- I'miniy . 1 )!„o. ami. m ISl-i. r.-in..y,d t.. D- K ,ib 

law Dr S S S-.omjh now . I W .t.-rh .. hid . w,tl. whom In studied 
Un-,!l..n.- Uli'll l-.11.when be lie„',il. praetle,- near Met/. His father 
d„.| I-- '.roary l" 1S.1I. and m tin- fall of ... U yea. lb- IW...r b, ean... 
a ri-ident of Met/. II.- w.i- luarr., d ri.pltmb, r l-l, 1S.1J, lo J.-vimiia 

li Thorni .f M.l'. 1 lia'iv,- ..I llbio to wh wa- born ilir. ■ 

.-■mid..-, 1,/.. I,,.,,,-. >-\ A md D-u C W.,.,i. lu.he winter ..I 

.1. ;>i'.l ..J^b-a't-nhl I-. ur- 11 H-M.-m;- II .,„(.,-. M. I. dC-.f---. 
New York In the sprm- of lSi.1, h- .imv.d lo An-oli. and lie- 1..I 

C-,lh _..- returning home a short time pre 
thither by i" 

graduated February 5. 1868. The Doctor * 

Steuben County Medual S--ciety. and ah-, a member of the 
State Medical S-ciety He was a member of the I. 0. 0. P.. 
various Ma-omc or_.ani/.ati<>i.s of An-ola. also the Cnldw ,U.-r Co 
cry ■•! Km_:btsTemplai 

in- p. lieu'.- in Did. tt.lober II, I SiiS. bis Inn -.-. ihroudi 
fti-ht. bee.mie nun hi.-, a-.,'. h. (h- -Mikm- :i r - 011-t a tree, and (he 

D.a-tor «j, thrown out, ree.-iviu- o.i-..l iries win. h l.,--ur\ive,| 

In. I el-.'bt hour-, l-eill- fob) ■-■■ a- , -u- t» the I '-< "• -1.1. -lit Dr Wood, 
hi- prof. -n.ii. Ilis'anibi-ion was i„ .piilily hinis,-|f for i:-, n -p-n-inie 
all. -(-. and be Was regarded a- a mall of no ordinary Iiillid. --I JUS! 

ugged steep he had c 

■-sed with feelings of .1 -if. . otnlmt tbr.ui-b the scenes of impending 
.tiger; SO he passed the year-of lus earthly pil_:nuia-e m »niti_: Iron, 

.11 fouud tiiuo for the study of hi- pr„fe-.-ion. keeping himself apaee 

' a 
,',,.,-bho „ I 

fluenee Such a 
;-star through life. Though 

■eible eharaoter, who 1 

ham can safely he placed in this class of men His 
uum Pariibain. was a native of Wales, who .-mi-r-.i 
States, settling in Connectk-ut, where his father. A 

married to Charity Bradley, a native „f 'by Stai 


inarr,.-.i in Mnhi-.i.i. N.iv.mber PL |s.l!i, n. Mi- l,,.ui-.i I'owl.-. .bui^li- 

II- md *-.:■.■ o-i-i-.l o. Ildl-I.l. f.,ui,iy'„,,.,i d-atl. 'Ml- laiiib.MI, 
was horn in M.llsdih- C.,i..iy. Mn-h.. tl.-.ob-r I. IsliT. and has the 

and .b.d m infamy. She is .. lady <.!' education nod culture, pi. a... 

to be only met with alt:.. 11- the heller classes. Mr ll.riih Mil r.-eiivcd 
bom In. iath.-r 1. 1- -bar..- .,!' (be properly. ..11 wlii. b In- Ices built on.- of 
the liu.Ht residences in (be coiinly, nlso a l.irj.e hnek Ihairin- uiib witi, 
three run ,-f bulir- -superior to any mill In old Si- iibeu " This mill 

is r. mum- .011-1 an! p-.-.-bl.-- - a line erade of Ih.iir Tll.!i<i- 


■I,',,.' .nev'.. (; d I "... I .;, '.I,.,,. .-'..,. n "' I i.'i h. a, ..IT.. I 

an. -. j..' Ku-b ,' P.M.-.- CI 1.-1 •... :1.1m wl _T.idim.-l i-i 'b- 

-priu- IV',. Ian- a- u n In I -7 I 7 .'. he av.-n-h -i M 1 M. -In aH' 

(.■ in |-7.:-7l.|:.lhv„-.M.-b. .H'olle.-e. New York..ii,.lintlm 

lallofih- l,,Meryear,Jefft 

7b. Hush t'oli.-e. .md. In I.-7S-TW, Detroit 

,-.-,-.. I W.-men In 1*7.1.1.. rem .v.-d '., I'r.- 1- I- haym. e 

Cii.'y. M.-b . I-! Mi- l.yii. P Ayr,-, d.iu-bl.rol .lohn .u,-IP>r.-n_ 

K'V-v 1'.' \ \ N..v. ,„■■. r _M is.; I „:. , ; , .-|„|.| by her 

ui-l|.ii..i'.e. dec ■■in- b.r -ii-r.-i-s :.ov..t 1 (la I. a|.) t lor family and 

in inaki.: b,r I,, me eri.-ht -ind .- ,iul.,ri.,l.:. . I '..1111. ,11). Dr Hi-- r:> is 

McNABB, THEODORE B., nam:- beads l,, ^ | t, ;:;- t ' : '!' 1 '^ 1 '"": 

whole h„ «... 'ii...rri...l.'\..v. 

her 2:1, lT:i:;, 

M,r.i I,, 

l.n.... ,ll 

shortly nlier uoirri:i.e, .t.iI <. 

lie.] in M 11.i1 

pioneers of that, wher 

....... in... .1...U... .....1 S.ij.l. M.N.l.h. ....... ....I.. 

Oh... Hi ftther'. hiril. oeourre.l .lune 1:!. 1 

.;.:!'. .'h!'" 


,,„. 1! M.-N..U 

■• fir-. .... 

ll„. light 

i„ l\,b,t,l M..h,,.ii..a ('.. . HI. 

,. Dee.inoer •_', 1 

"I 1 tIv 1.. 

].:... ...nil 

.,!', reo'eiv, 

i.l. ..liootiotl ..( Hi., l'r.-.l.y 


['oli.nj. At th.-iin.. ..t'tiviity 

ho went to Henry Connty. M 

eioe '.So, 

1|,l„,.,l I .Iie.ll ..Millie. Ill lite lull nl' I Ml I . lie Went to He Klllh 

C..UI... In.l.. I.-" ■-' ■■■ 1 ll.i.- Til-nil,. ... I'm .11.11. lie 1 

„f 1 -.I ■ . hi,,. .1 I H. « M >!..,. r. ..I W'.,i,.i-I.... "ill. » 

he r,.|.,:,ii„.J noli f,,[|.„M,,.. I.-II. In ihe uilifr -.1 HH2-li:i. lie 

nil.,,.]. .1 r,e ,,i le.lore. „l Ann Arh„r Mejietil f.,11,-... Hen 

,1,1. ...I ..(nee nl' Or- Simite A Kit.-. ..f «■■ "•-- Mh'1. r ..iniii- 

1 lore on. 1 1 ]J, ,-.tiil. . ,,| I ..,';. .vine. I... :,.n, ... Cm I St. ul.-i, ('. , 

Vr.'n'..',i'it. Veeml,,! IT - I • M l' . ■ ' 1 St.iv.m l...n, in Sl-nl.eti 
Cn.ioly llel . 1','eeioi. r IT I.l- til i.ijit.r l IT.I.. .: I ..-l Ann 


the SllUlhen, Ml, hi 

l.,'st physicians til Steuben County 
experience tins l.i'i/n extensive and varinl. and in nil the 
disease, bo has not only kept well p.>..icd, by dilirvnt study of il 

practical knowledge in the treatment of many difficult eases. II is ] 
may rest assured of the beat medical attention, and that w 

the science of un-dicme o.m -In. will L. - ■ .bun.- ti.r their speedy r.-li. 
Doctor 11 an affable, lu-nninnnilatiri^ nyuileuniii. free from all lliiit 


Sill, and where he e/r.-w (.. i and married Susannah Fining, a 

.alive of the same count) wh.-r,- -he was l...rn April G, 1805. Of this 
Enos, Mary ' 

l,c.,f. IaiIi; 
weaver bj 



ALCOTT, CHARLES LOGAN, was born io Marion 

,uuiy, Ohio, January I': 1 , \<M. ami ,~ tin. elde.-t son of Michael and 
izabetb C. Alcott. In is:!-, his latin r removed to Steuben County, 
d„ t.rinciiiK bis family He died in IS!.-,. leaving Charles L., a small 
y Mr. Alcott, rather of th,- Mibject of this sketch, was a miller by 
cupatinn a native of Ne« .l.-r^-v. and a firm adherent to the rules of 
,- S „ i,t. ,.| Friend-, i>r Quaker.-". In IS:,:', Mrs. Alcott was married 

,,„, , . [']. „r, ~i ,],_'■ Old left 111- <»l.l place (.. (In- ear.' of Charlc- I, 

]*■>,•>. tin -ubj.vt nf thi- sketch was married to Miss Ellen Powers, 
the StaU? of Michiiiaii. the ceremony taking place January 5, 

I',,:! .ri.ii f.wu-hip I'.v tin- m-imagc In- lias had t w.. children. 
rm k II. and Emma L lie has applied himself successfully tn farm- 

i Grange Cuunty. Hi 
e M. E. Church. Hi 
Y., came to Indiana u 

a 8, 1821 

Item.. unit. Ibr nether, Mrs. Powers, was also a native n 

She is still living iil Nnrihern Miehi^ni. enj.-yin- ■-' 1 

A lent t In.- a line place, and is well e.|[eiilat..d [,, enf.V tit,' 

SPANGLE, HENRY, i- a native ..t Now Vork, 
and Mary Spangle, 
with his parents at 

■ all.']' 1 se'lled ili.WM Io faritlili^. He Was married, n, ,1 ack-m 

'IWn-hip, t.. Mi« M.n-, t'-.v. bv K-piire Sawver, in l.S-lli. By her he 

ha.l .-hiid — F.Uielllie. .Wain. Ill l-S.,1, 'he IW married !<> Mi-s 

Fl,/il„tl, VI — c « . and l'..r his third wife, married Mi- Surah Met/-, ,>f 
liraneb Cunty, Mich mi Sept-inhcr -.,, 1V73 Their children are 
Carrie and Clyde Mr Spathic- when Lie eame i«. Sleuheii Cnin;. 
.-.■rile.l -invvn i.i ihe t e-k ■■]' in. .kin- .. hum-- *■ t hiti.-.'ll'. iml that lie '■ .■ 

.' jmsscssor iyt'li'Mi acre- nf <r<icid land— a 
ions. In the selections of his wives h 

are'huth members ,d the C, 1 liret'liP'ii Chnrtdi ['.ditieally. he i- . 

llriimcrat. In In .knej ..ver .Mr. S}iaiiL-le's lit.-, n may he truly said il. ,: 
In- has well lived, and surrounded as lie is with a pleasant home circle 
it can well be hoped that- he may have many years of en joy men I at i 
usefulness left. 

TWICHELL, JONAS, Jr., the subject of tbi, sketch, ,~ , 

name of New Vork, and was horn in Cheiiati-.- Cmmi v . -f that Sti.i - 
January 12, ISoC, He is the son of Junas and Malindu , Su.-rt 
Twichell. In dune, of ihe same year, he came with bis parents i 
Indiana, an. I thev -etth d in Jack. mi T..wn-hip. Seeti.-n fl, the sim: ■ 

place where Mr. 'fwi.-hrl w lives. March ."i, \<»\. he was married 

in I'l.a-aiu Ti.wn.-hip. Steuben Ccnmty. Io Miss Cailcirine A Johtis.ui 
r.v her In- had three children — A u-usi ns (.'., rbiu'etn- and ll.nvrv .1. 
lie was a.jain married, I tetohcr ID, 1 SfJT. in Brand, C.uitv. Mich.. 1.. 
\iina Miliit.t and the re-ult ..f this union has he, -n iiv,., ehildreii — Vie! ,-r 
S and liertiee A At the present time, Mr Twi,hell i- v.-rv pl-.i-anilv 
It.cated on the old place. He has a line farm of ^IIM acres, with l.uild- 

..t' lie- .d.l'-t '.n'lpb- in tin- .'...lie', I In v .'i" h-i'.L- in Mil! t T ,.,i ■ 
T..wn-hi|. Mr- Trtiehell - - ',-.-- .-. . 

I the I'resl.yi.. 

i Cl.urel. 


BABCOCK, DAVID B., was born in Onondaga Cou. 
" " Miss Amanda 
dait-bter of Thomas and Ann Hadley, t 

1 Theodore Bliss. Be. 

setlled in this county, in ls:u;. lie built a little I.mj. 1 

was the first, h.uise on" the [Tairic which was shiiiL'h-d . and h 

lir-i substantial Iraii.e Imil.hti- in Slcuhen County Duriinz 

of April, May and June, in thev.-ar 1 S:K bcbeljn-d rar 

biiildin- Mi. Twnhell's father, 

1S-_'i;, and bis mother " "" 

Tr. -l.yieri.m Church, 

and Mrs Twich.ll reside in the town of ( Irian. 

forts of life. They are, probably, the oldest couplt 


BAKER, SAMUEL, son of John Baker and Sarah Stoner, 
- born in Franklin Cniilv I'cnn.. June I'd, [sill. His father and 
nttb.-r, nativcs,,f l'cllt.SylMHlia, moved to \ irL-llll, in 1-Jti, whe they 

, Samuel Baker 


e had ten children — John S., 


- lather on at. ei-hly-.icre (arm. 
irs. when he. with his devoted 

I | of h;L* ailC- 
■ ...vner'of 1,41) acres of choice 


I I. ,,,i ■! In th lath.r an I m- tin ■ at 
- faintly arc member- of the M E Church 
■xceptinn John, are Republicans 
i. N. E.. M, D„ pb>-.c,.,„, -:,„ of L. 

U-e It. the winter of ]S:13 ;"i4. Was unit,) ,„ mam ,».. with Mi-> 
Lydl.i Ann llo.per September Si. Wi.'i. Tlov have b...i >, v,n chil- 
dren FJual.eth A . I'bebe C dec-iued ,. Levy 11 . Sarah I , Thomas I. 
and an infani Th.- Do,- tor to-k a sc, ,.nd course of ).< turcs at Ann 
Arbor. Mn-I, the winter of l-ii+-G.", , i- a member «,f the St.-ubcn 
C,.„„ty Mc.lna'. S.Ki.ty , be. an v \u uded pi,, tn - : ,,nd . :,j ,ys the (u.l 

cnnliilenec "f the | pie. Ills father is a resident of Hoall .ke. II mil ■ 

i„ L .t,m (.',,.. lud. lit- mother die. 1 |s;l. The Doctor is a Uepui beat, 
He and In- wife am unuihei- ,.l the M. E. Church. 

JOHNSON, EDWARD C, was born in Uts,,-„ Couniy, 

N, V., (hlohcr Hi. lslli. Hi.- father and mother, Ju H and 

Fli/.aheth ,Crai„l:,lh Juhn-on were native- of New Vork ,ud l,b...le 

Island . he of the former, -1 f I lie latter Stat.-. They came t„ Ind, 

ana when the country was ,|i,,t,.- in'iv. -It linn in (bse-., Township. Au^uit. 
l,S:;t;. The sublect of tins .ketch r.-ina I ned at home most ot the li UK- 
till his hither'- deaih which I, ink plac- it, 1 S.'n; ,. and has since lived 

Mahiy and by li.i had one child vi/.. Fie r P. Hi- present wife lie 

married January HI IMS. I.eiii'.- united ,,,i that date ,„ Mi- Maiy Iv 
(Vrl.ii. . hy whom he" " 
Cyrcnius, Kittie and J 

"" -esent Mrs. jonns 

They came to this State : 
sen,, Tnwnslnp where they made a nice 
January.), Is::.,; |„,r father died August 

The present Mrs. John; 

u-htcr ,,f Aim.s and I'inl Cor- 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson ; 

■ happily t,, nether 

-ubiecl ol I 
Ohio. He 

Mi- Katv 

. \\ llliaui Ti.'e_-a|-dili WiL- a Ib-inneral , and b, 
member- ..!' the Lutheran Church. The lat 

Tecnanlli, died it, 1S7I. Mr d'.'irardin, I 

s born Ja, 
rried in Allen Connty, Ohio, 
harp, daughter of Thomas and Eliza 
c of Pennsylvania, and her mother o 
ed to Wayne County ul ail early, date 
,e Christian Church. Mr. and Mrs. 1 

- [„i. a f.othlul v 

eel ofllli- 

1836 in 

i the lial'.l 

r forma a part of his 160 acre 
i February 18, he married f 

in 1844. and settled n! i;..hl.n.. I'. k!'|„|, "mV "•'. > ,..'r 'h, .1 - 
her 13, 18l.<) ; Mrs. Coo,,er ■ - Mill Iivm,-. and resides near by n 
daughter. Mrs. Brooks. Mr. Williams is now owner of one <if i 
farms in Steuben County, and hi- |,re-.nii |>laee is u sufficient e 

,.y ..f 1--U, Mr. Allnmnn- w.e- Mint. -I in n,.,[T Le- 
.bar. tie Kliiiu'inan, mid the same year moved to Williams 

County I Ilii... an, I |.ii-;it.-rl on .1 farm -nv ] la Ins lath.-r I >n Ins nriHiie.' 

willi lln- Mellioilisi K|,iseii|..d Clnir.-li. hi- !atli,-r refused to _.ive him 
the farm of eighty acres, as had b-eri nnuui-'d. whirli resulted in [lie 
subjeet of our sketeb removing to ilus town-hit,, .tie! setllin<_. on a wild 

of U.'/.knt, .,.,-. Kb,, Ann Hell., He y Ii..*- hdd—l il.l'vr.i 

Mr. and Mrs IW1. natives of V.r-_.!i.i-i. .■ nne ... Oh.., .-■ -. i 

wvie nn.ioa.i- ol I he -I K|,i- o|.al Clmr.di . Mr- Ii. II di. 

January IS. lSlit l\.lit.e.,lly. Mr Hell i s a Democrat. Mr. AH. 

i.iii.-d tin- United Brethren. 


d.rv ll.-.mvu Mbn in Newark. .N 

arenta till lie was twenty 

Ud.a SI,, 

i (b.r.h.n i 

1812; cam., to 

■ nVr',,.. M,-' 


■ .HI, of Mar.h. 

:vc8, and 160 acres in York T..» unliip. wh 
They had five children— Ku.i.ia A . Mm- 
. (deceased), Rush W., William G. (dec 


Abda .'..r,->., I'". UrYn. () 
came to New Jer.-ey in W-7 . 
CVuniy. Ohio in bS-'S. where 

The subje.-l of .sketeb .- a 

,!,),.„ |i 


, son of Pciraon Stevens 
.t, N. H , January 30, 

.able wile The first c 

, pocket In 1M.V w.,- united in marr,.,-c 
net, ..t ()iv,-,,T,.« l ,>hi|,| li.'ian ;be batllo 
Utile In- hilt, se.nlide.i tn tile ettort- of ill- 
.pot' wasburmal. bill, iiolfii,- daunted. 
. reloti- hi, laud was paid b>r. Other acres 

Vermont . bei , her ..I New York Th.) iin- ;..w,,.|„,. ,,. 

IK',7. ili.v r,..r,.i .. IUiiiiI. . l-th w, r.- meml.ers „f th- 
.M.-ihod,-: Cl.i,,|, Mr Al.hnhdi.-d m b-u , Mr> Aidn.h died in 
f a good deyn-i- of health 
)urpose of superintending 

I marked ability Mi-s land.. M ieks. 
hild — a .1 n, lie is .njaj.d at present 

>.... .....J ..... if- ,,.].-: 1 l.,l,n .end Nm.y llovar- 

earpenler's trade ..!' Ins lather, h. w..rk. 

•orli.l.i T..w.,-l„|.. Ii. K..II.C.,. I.i.l AI-..U1 -ix nibs 

.-'•-... 1 '-II ..:,.,'... 1,' lh,,r ..-.■»...- t.l. — -1 web 

Mich wlure lie Ha- jonnd in w.dtu.k t. 

eui,_riated (.. 1,3 Cran-e County, [ml in 

utter his marn.i'. . hi i.urehj.-.d forty .«.r 

ml Ins :; ,„.,l Wife l.ave 1. ,d ... life .. 5-Vlll. w]„eb M i> 

reliUII lie.' there! three Year*, whel 

.,.i fr.n. b.r father. With this a-siMance. and will. Iu 9 

wlueh In- .-rid lues, havim.-, thni._.'h. .- .Id 


■om Turkey Creek Post Office, and is surrounded with whatever 

" RANSBURG/MAKTilV V.,' M.' D^'was EKd Seiie. 

11 Wtlil.l... ol 

oil- Shortly a 


ttarttaa J. But.dy, of Otsego Township, Stfub.-r, ( \. . 1ml. I!, m- in 
SH Af FS I AL1 t H hLS I I A N born m Dauphin 

Christian ShaHstall w. 
County. Penn., to Chr 
She was born in April, 
moved to Crawford Co 
forty acres of land, fiiv 
fourteen yean, cleared : 
acres for 160 acres in 8 

viz. Hiram, I liner. Virgil P. (deceased), KvoieK , ,1, ..a-as.-d ,, l.lTir M., 
Ilallie V . l.aymnnd i iliaea.-.-.l ,, Seliuvl. |-, Cyru- nhavasnl ,, Sheridan, 

happ.l.N will, lii w,l. nil I.., d. ,lh whi.b ■■! I' ill. 1^7."». 

ami was a L'l.-al lo-s to tilt fauiilj, a- she Was a kind and loVlle_' tin. tin I, 
and .aideare.l li.-v-.-lf t,, all win, know h-T. Mr. Zn.n-kei settled ill 

old |,l,„, whl.l, . 
adjoiuino the t... 
Zon^ker is a lilel 

. Steuben Co., Ind , whero h 

.','.; I„- lalu.r- I.. W.,s:,hlv i-'-l-d L> 1m- j-.'-l w,l, »l. . . 

^'real worker hut m exvllent mail -i-jei I'm He.' tin- l.-un- . ■■ >■ ,r- ■■! r-.-nl. in (lino, she elotlnd lier-elf. Im-hand and !..nnl> bj her 

>or and in, unceasingly. So, when they 

the -am- Mine, -he a-, knit t,:i V \ nrs ■■!' - > - '" -ed. h. -id. - .hen.- ,11 
I, or 1, ..!,-. hold work lion,,:- all thi. lime, liny h;.>e rai-edal. Ii 

ol' ten iliildnn. 

,.,M ..• ,i,r, 

.-II,. tin* UviilS. 

1..IIM.' IV. I 1 

rcsptilcd. Tlic; 

,.l, ,,,,.., | .|. 


milieu 'I'll, iii.ini 

,l,il,lc,..i a.,- a, f„ 

(„,.,. Mr, II. SI, 

k'. hum 

.'Ii. 1 83i . Siimio 

of William Lea, 

OTI.-..J .. 

15, 18W| Ad»ni 

]),<■. ...... r 1-; Isnli.l'.a. IVi.i,il..r . 

. l.-:». II u, 

•h.hotu March 10 

l-ll .h. 

5. 1H1T. l'r.M.kli 

l,..n, II.,. .i 

..-, J'. I-IJ An. 

i.l.i n.,.< 

i,-l Jonuori, Janu 

\.ul,aniel. July '- 

Is IT lii. 

M,> Cj.i..-,. C.,r) 

. 1 Ii t.'.li. , L'T 

IS III. Cun.eliaino 

v Jin. II 

l>:,j Mr- 

Urol' tli.' >k-.l,,„lM i:).,. „,,,l 

Cl.urch for tliirt) 

■IN JIM.- 

Republicao in policies, and 
ouirricd and living by tin-in- 

arth, they will k-.v,- i.. (In ir not only earthly 
TINKLEPADGFI, ALMOn' H. " Tn aoWrmina a man's 

ill- . hut. |iltIi:i|,., i t iin|...ri nit ..I lii. -.- i.-inii.ils ii'ny h 

ii.-li.-n.k-il hy 11/ enV.t hi- III',- Iiils Imd mi the 

in ,1 I.- |.luvil ili,- r -,l - ..t' tin. -k.-K-li t..r . iiiiiKiiiioj nt ii"- ■ '.'ot 

,,l .1,, ladder lie Iiii. Unrked In- one I.. J KUe. i- I *'T'li) -I 

iii.-ot Mr Tinklel'iiuuh w-u horn in On- State ol Pennsylvania, 

Jul) 17. Itvl-I. 1,,-ioi; the , I llir.on 1 M.-ounie. Ku-li-h Im'-le 

.ha-nl u^lity acres 01 land on the line ol I.a t.lraoei- and Suiikn 

Cniinties. nod e„ ..-iii.d laroi-i..- th hj..t ■■! th- -k-t- h <t 

that ,-. Iii-im: ntilv iii.n- year, of am- Tin ,l„ldln....l „l Mi Tin 

I children m tellmi • clei-o i 

Hi- died .odd. ol) I 
him The subject 



lamuel and Anna ti .11 in Hi. ry w.l. born in Kuox Township, 

loluiuhiaoa Co., Ohio. December 7, l-ll. II . ntt.-nded North George- 
own Seminary and Mount I inoo I',. I.. :,-. a'i-1. lor a number of years, 
aucht school. Dunne; tin- war. In- ».-r.,-,l in ,1.0 Union army, bolong- 
n- to the Kiitli.y .ixib Uhio Volunteer Inlaol, 
,,., I y It .V,li„„.,l t;„.„d. lie 

aim, In 

ne family, he Inni.ell. i- a tli.,rou-.'lie-.in_- man, wnile .Mrs. me 
(,*H AUWICK?FRANK H.,--ii .^.lohn and^Abigal ( 
|„ llii- ,|,r.o» »l IS7-'. lie be-an hi. oiet.aolile eir.-er hy el.UTIil 
-,i,|.|.,vol S.ueilliM I.iisoo. loercliant...! \n-.-nli. lod Here lie r,m 
ihree yeors, \ ' ' 

\']r ",' I... ',"«.. 




lull [In- dread me.-eneer tou. h.-d with il. w 

cprct l-r I.., I- .r...r- Tin- 1 .111.1 ) live barmum 

I ..-:..! iu!..r N.. T i ,,..-i. ... i. . k.-rin ■- in .r lien relations with 

*linu-s with their fellow-tunn lu every public improvement, such as 
: church, school, etc-, the l'.,w,-r- laiml> h.v, alway. .loud shoulder- 

POWERS, HON. CLARK. (Deceased) Today, in our 

inly uf Slcub, n. the sh -. II-,! I-t Kaii-a* and Ncbra.k.i, while 

ty-five years ago, in New York I11..U.1I1 ut New Knglaud, Ibc 

li'ooSelslnalli.n n.ral.l tl 11..I N.Til ■ I, i .mi ' 1...1.I ui.ic-h 

..■ alasy. !.,■.■! ted a., uiei 

N "V Deeelllher .J. I -■' -1 1 

,rio C C o™'u°y,N e *Y°,wl™°o 

.1, n good family, who gave 
r coming of age. On July 

"""Mr | 

i ■ l"-..| "' .l"l ', 

1 her youth she hud m.t the advanlag. . of 
make* her appreciate them now all the more Her 
I and near by her children, enjoying the decliniug 

T„ ,,i\.r„„,:'|, llri.-i,,!.. ,.f that 

etl.iriN.iig the 

17th due tit" Nov. tuber. 1 SMii. 

lSilli.hj and hi. hri.therl'idil 

uben t ...... 

ir t 

in Vi.ik T.,wn.hip. They tie 

spring of 1837, Clark again eat 

loo eiibiii, immediately north of whe 

the southwest corner of Section 



nun ' Alter they arrived In- 


•■ '':■ 

,' a,','.l Un 


e.b-in,- the winter of 1 

:'■'■ - 


k „ .I.,,,, 

.,. I„.ine will. 

DELLER, GEORGE N., «»» hot 

('..i.i.i.l-,.. . C. Ohm. r.-l.riiirv 15. IS 13. 
I.ydla Deller Ho o.lll.e In this county will, I, 

en, m.lket. by the ear l-.,d On tie- -3d il 

TheV have hid two children Charles Mill 
ried'.I.d.ii 1. L'texton. Decembers, 1874. 

Lake." in I -711. where 1 

and Ins own elegant residence. Mr. Van ( 


■ ten years. In 1S53. 
lie has followed, on the 

[Milum County, Ohio 
Alice Jane, who mar- 

faculties. He Was a devoted Mat 

.- man. He followed 
, was County Sur- 
1839-40. and was 

POWERS, WINN. Tin- ..hi and r. .peei-d citizen was I 
:ond in the family, and was born at Fort Stunwix ■ n„w the city 
_ 101. His youth was past 

aicidu Co. N V . December S 

.,..11 11 1 "I... k .1. S..H..I, in V.. ik l'„»e-!.l-' Si.-uh. 11 
■is J,, .).,„. ,., r j ,,t il... lati.-r i.-ir le I.miJ.i 1_m 

...'o.'i''.' C..-,'.,'i.| l .'v'' r v''"w;,.','.'' ,1,'. I.',,',,",. ■"." ,a".a'..| ., ',"i\,\ 
pr. ,i u-lv where tlieV remained until 1*43 wl lli-.-y buill a.el ■- ,11 

w.i- iiii.rricd in Cuuiny Ajiril I - '. 

.l.ildr.-n .-'U.. i- '. .[..h-i. nn.L.-n.MiMj «.. 

).,..J,i.r .-1 J.-lit, .11.1 Kl.v .l.itl, I!,-.-..-. 

• .Mr> P«w«ra was born May 11, 1801. A 

^.■, tin- yuuiiy couj'lu m..^-d (.. AlK^iny 

. .. wild Ktrni. mi "lii-.i lli.-y lived twelve 

1...IS f.u-nd- The r.,.|..wu,j .iulifi. M . b..rn Aj-nl i. 1-iJ . ■!■> .1 I-- 

Nuv.-iuU-r 7. 1-<H ih.- of II..-I. U 

it. -iinl. in ,i l.c tuum m Alli'u-inj Ci.uniy 

William K. 1Wh,1..t Hi. IMS .-1..-. 1 IM. 

tcmWr IK, 1S17 Iwlin wns ;. im-inWr uf 

,.nd 1{, .-nn.ut Indi..«>a 

CI.:.ti.,.,,.o_-... T.N.i A. .-_•.,-.( 1 I-.M . Si-] 

ujarrk-il U..<jb,r '.I. 1*71., t.. l>..r;» Fern.- 

ut, .,im1 Ml.,.,1... Miin-h 7. lUf.l.wl 

• I„,r- Cl-.rk rjvin l*..ww. 1....I 

■'ut lS.W AIM .. L.i.y d.-n-.r- 

...... i..- t'<n lliey. .» 1845-46. Hi: was a 


De r..i ...■! I i. .- Un.i, ,- 1.. i. ,lw.,\. ...Ked 

iVlllll 'alld Wit, Waik.d., ideb) aide. tlleVaiieJel Lib. 

il. (Deceased ) lio 
by Nature upon this 

farms. But i 

f mir 


» lm»e puud 

away, and their places 

.,„■ lilM 1-v 

their sucees 



zi izl'J: 

tbeir foreiith 

it Iho 

which their 

I''-' 1 ' ' 



"•' '»'■"•■ '"■•> 

,;>,,- '"■ '"■ i ' 

, v ,,, 

wuli ;i mind fully r.eoneileil to the diffic 

his |.iirj was to itit-ct and ..vereoiuo them. Il.wi-l.nrri in Farm- 

n.L'fii .<!,„.„,.. ('.» \ :. Imps ; md w,,- the V "iin--sr in a 
family ,.l liv,- children viz. Siephen A, Winn. Clark, -lo-iali ami 

Calvin Power- Hi- par.-nts J.-iith him! Hi I, Cluivli Powers, were 

naiives nl' Ma-aehiisetis. wln-re tli.'V u.i.- ii.-.l January II. 17T> 

and iiniih-li.itt-U moved [., Oii.-i.Li Cunty. N V . and, in 1st)',, t,i 
Ontario ruuniv'i.r til..- -:iU]i Stale, where do-iah died live luonfli- after 
the birth ..I' the .ubjeet of I his skoieli. Calvin'.- in.,, her wa.- a-ain mar- 
red September 21b 1S11, I., li™^' .leiiks, by whom she had llir. .■ 
ehiblr-n — Laura, .loanm, and <io..t-_'e. her hn-l.arid >1 viiilT November lid 
1S2H. Here, in Ontario County, \ V.. CnlMi, Powers lt,.«- ... man 
Ii 1. rca-ivim.- a fair e.lue.nion He wa- mam,,! in Palmyra N. V 

Si.|i|,-ml»'!- 12. lvl.!. I.. .Miin.i Kuielm.- Con ■ ) : . 1 1 -_■ 1 1 1 i ■ r ..I" Koherl and 

Klizd.eth Smiilii 1'i.rv, natives ..I New Y„ik Mrs. Poweis wa.- in !'„/..,„>via. N. V , -I.i... 2 1*17 Iii (he sprini: ..f Is.Jii. h- 


m New Vork wher 

Calvin remained until the early part of 1837, 

others- Mephen ;ind Win 

pi-.-vinus for tin- purpose •>( building :i eahb 

rived at the cabin July 

d-t..iiied -ii the road 

in Ohio by the sickness 

the month. He settled 

nldren— Alongo, born A 

October !). ISSfl, (d 

-<] Deeeuiher 11, 1839); 

1S4U; Elisabeth. Jil 

uary 1:>, 1*42; and tleorge, September 'Ml. 1M4. 

Mrs. Powers died S 

t Plearaot Lake, Steuba 

Co., Ind., to Lucy A. 

July 4, 1829, to whom 

was born two childre 

>2, and Prank M., April 

nily moved to Angola, 

terv," in Vork Township The neater ...I 

sting-place. It is unne 

nted with the history of 

was prominently ide 

lined with its growth and 

development. Coming 


I, with heart and hand* ever ■■(■.n to (lie needy, and fur the support 
hantable enterprises. In soeieiy, he was highly companionable , in 

oung. Few persons al the elosr ,,(' lib. h-f( :k larger circle of friends 
i he. Though po.-itive and outspoken, 

and morcy of God. 
trying to be patient 

o|kiiI\ prote- 
in hi* la-t -i 

replied : " I do not know how I shall hold 
least afraid." Thus passed away a noble 

County, Ind.. where his fuller died February Ml, 1 S:~> 1 

dying in the - - eont.ty in 1 S5'.'. Alter hi- liilliel', .le ; . 

to live wilh his lo-ollier in-law, !)r. .S S. Slouch , who « 

■ar.H, during which (i 
terms, " doing chore 

■ r.dte.,,, wh..,v he remai I. oil and oh, ho 

.11.. 0- ul l.illiill,:; .Old (eaeluirj. .hveling the 
(llloll-h eolle.-re, (vlliell e-.lnplet e. I hi- lite! 

I C..ll.-e, Cine. , HI., idler whieh 

-[rel.'hin- iiroiiml him. In the uii.l.-t of this unbroken I 
a tin laborious i;i>k «il' founding ;i hoin.-, and the jiersever: 
-ir\ Ii.- .ll-plaYetl in (In- uiid.-inkim.'. diose who knew li 
»• reminded of "'The Pree Chnreh," ..I Vnrk T..w n-h.p. .- 

i the leading spirits in the i 

County Con 
from 1856 to 1859. 

POWERS, CALVIN P. This gen.le,, wa- horn in 

VI , Com . \ \ J,.,., try P». I; ..: ...,l i- .1,. -on of \V„„, 

yoiilh wa.- -peiii in V.-rk 'fowu-hip. Sleiiben Co. Ind. whither he e;iine 

Mieh .laioiarv 1. ISfHI, to N ,,i,-v J. me I 'lark . .lau-hl -r of HoralioN. 
and Kh/.. . Kuley , Chirk, naiives ,,t New York Stale. Mrs. Powers was 
l,,,rn in Williams County. Ohio Sepieinh e, _•:;. l-h> and by lier mar- 
Mora A , Auu'u-t Hi, ImI-1 ; Li. a A . September I. l>lib, and Mil. A .. 
September IS, lSHS. Mrs. Powers is :i ple.i-anl. a liable lady, and 

tanner- m York T..wn,lii|.. and ai'lns bmne every one » ill Lin I -,-l 

weleome. lie i- a quiet una-uiuin- man ; ..]' lew words, but ihtise are 

alway- to the point. Be make- Few pr isea, but those few he never 

breaks . his word being (on saered to be trilled wilh. In every duly of 
eral , in religi liberal — be lias by his bonesly and .-.nisisl.-uey oamed 

'" wood. "t;i^:ccdo c.G yi^-ici'Mc huysen,' m. 

D. The haldy orowth.- of naline are ll -lb.,1 balile the sloim- . 

have the good fortune l.o win the Imne-t re-jurd and eolilidencc that Dr. 

T. P. W 1 has -ained g tin- people tor mil.-., .-urrinii.diiig i lo 

town of Meiz. His orandfathcr Wood, was a native of Canada, of 
Ki,,.|i-h par.-i,..- who m.ned r.> N.-w V o,-|. Stare, whei , he married arid 

llll,e.l 1,1- talllih. The Po, lor'.- falher,. I. ,-eph Wheeler Wo-d.Wa- 1 

111 New Vork ill IStll, when- he lt.'W up and was married In- wile 
tlyiiiL.' ,-liorllv alter (he l-irih d' a ■ IkiuIiUt. whom tln-y .-ailed Marlba. 

neeii.ur. Au-.'Ust .".. I -Ml, of W.-l-l, on-iii. wle. bon him ei-hi -!i iCir.-n 
a- follow,-, A Iphol.-.., Pli/.abe, I, S-irih, Phedima, llll-:h I', 

Melvtni. 'fbeodor- F .,,,,1 Fredrick \i W 1 The Doelor was In.rn 

in Ibonbi-i. !■_•.-. Cheiiiire-:.. ('.. . X V , .1 une 2, IS III and in 1 > Iii bis 
parents removed (..Williams County, Ohio, and in 1840, to De Kalb 

be-an |-|-... I i.-!le_" al Mel/, 111 

-•Us <'.'. l'1'e 1,'tteud! 

eal College, Clevel I. i llii.., where Ii- uradual erl (he latter year, 

:iu- bis degree ,d' M. I). In 1 *7H, In- spent a slmrl time at Hush 
eal College, Cbieago, and in 1 S72-7-'i, lie attended a course of 
res in the dillcre .Ileal .,<•! I- ,,f Ne>v Vork City and I'bila- 

|.hia. He was mar,,. -I m \„-..|. \,oil 12 ISillJ.i,, Mi- Kli 
.vers, .hiUL'hler ..f Calvin and Maria K Powers, nrr Corey, 

New Vork Slate, i. hisiory of wlmm will be found el-ewh.-ie 
■k. Mrs. Wood was bon, in Steuben Comity, Ind., Juouu 





J 0_ 

-:: J 

Hjiwj. jV^ • 


wuk'i; % .: :. " 

s :S. :: r£:.:.:=:: :E:::."\\ 




,;:■!£':;;,,;,,, i','::,:,:;; : « N i".,n:::::: : 1SS 


lBu """ 1 *•' Vl ' 188a 





ft.™.. |8l|p™.r 

bledio. Co Obi. 



';, .;!.:;. .;. . ^ 

..:::;.::::' ""'Z'.i^.l:-,.,:' 


S^b"""' :■:::::::::.■:■■'.■:.-: :::K^:.U.=-. 


y™,'uJ"'L U 1 'e '"'".'.'.'.'.'.'. 

i™'.'.":':: i;».e",": '::::::::::::::: 

E= : SBi^£. 





Po„0™. | 0«-l 




if #■ : 


§S^s ! £r=^ 



Highland Co.. Ohio 


%|",",'!',"'l "i' 1 '^ | '" 


CajugaCo,. N. 'if .'.'." 


[£.£!""£ "."?" fe~ ; 


E™.-™,, . 

oiESo & N'\"''' 



ik#jk K" ' 

1^"" d u '" km;;b tas&'Si. 


jJUtT ,i 

;|;i , B--' : t 

..;!"::::.: rx.l;.."'~ ... 


w^!c!f?!!™™""." aX™"' 

.;:::;::; 11;.£mc.' v i'-:.. 




AI.U1 Charts. L 


.b=,^ 1 ^ ;-| IfJi 

I-.":". '">;'!"■■ ::;:! 

v '; ::;,:"::;;': IS 




Elli. H D 

Votk c„„ t 

?|F.r».r . 

v ,„„,„,■„ n y 



ur< : :,;.„ hi.cK.Ki.nn 

Tu.c.ra.n. Co . (Wo ... 




S3JSS" **S STk'ni 1 "" 

S3SS: n v 

Robin.on. N. U 

" hllParmer and Slock-Rai.or 

Colombian. Co.. Ohio... 


L.;'n"W. :::: v'Sj™','.:.:;: 

l.;r,M^..M- lor.-, .,.. 

s£g£-f= ]f< 



is|KHsi..r : p 

Ii' / •• 

sSS ■']£ 



:'. \".T.\" .'■'•■!■ 




K.'oj r ib',.oj'»r.V' 


Morgan Co.. Obio 


A. 3. CORRIN, County Commissioner. 
HOSES GONSER, County Commissioner. 
JOHSf McCLUE, County Commissioner. 
R. H. JOHNSON, County Auditor. 
JESSE H. CARPENTER, Ki-County Auditor. 
SAMUEL HEIGHT, County Treasurer. 
W. H. TWICHELL, County Reeorder. 
W. H. KEYES, County Sheriff. 
H. P. HATHAWAY, Deputy Sheriff. 
C. A. SHACKFORD, County Surveyor. 
CYRUS CLINE, County Superintendent of Schools. 
FRANCIS MACARTNEY, Conveyancer. Will ft 

JOHN J. KINNEY. Cashier Kinney & Co.'. Bank. 
LAWRENCE GATES, Assistant Cashier Kinne- 

A. OSRORN, Cashier Angola Bank ; also Agent 

Eipresa Company. 
JOS. A. WOODHIILL, Attorney at Law. 
WM. «. CROXTON, Attorney at Law. 

WM. B. McCONNELL, Attorney at Law. 
JOHN K. MORROW, Attorney at Law. 

B. F. DAWSON, Justice of the Peace. 

J. U. MILLEB, Editor of the Slcuben Republican. 

W. H. SHEFFER, Editor and Proprietor Angola Herald. 

ORVILLE CARVER, Postmaster, Druggist and Deal 

PETER W. RUSSELL, Proprietor Russell House. 

E. R. LEAS, Physician and Surgeon. 

T. B. WILLIAMS, Physician and Surgeon. 
H. D. WOOD, Physician and Surgeon. 
M. F. CRAIN, Physician and Surgeon. 
ADDISON R. BODLEY, Physician and Surgeon. 

W. W. UHL <& CO., Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boot and 

IWkfonT Quick-Time Witch. 
HENRY HILLINGER, Wagon and t ■ 
ALLEN JAR VIS. Saw and Planing Mill. 
G. W. POLAND, Contractor and Builder. 
CHARLES BEW, Carriage and Wagon 

H. LINDER, Agent Ft. W., J. 4; S. R. R. 
E. Z. WILLIAMS, Wagon Manufacturer. 
TOOLEY & ZIPFEL, Large Assortment of Boots and ! 

re and Canned Fruit; also, 

Fanoy Lunchroom. 
NIMOCKS & WICKWIRE, Marble and Granite works. 
JACOB STEALY, Marble Works. Granite furnished to order. 
HOFF BROS.. Photographers and Dealers in Frames, Albums 

and Stereoscopic Views. 
ADELRERT F. DAY, Printer. 
M. L. DICKERSON, Clerk. 
O. H. LEAS, Livery and Feed Stable. 
ORIN SOWLE, Livery and Salo Stable. 
CHARLES BACHELOR, Exchange, Farmer and Township 

W. H. JARRARD, Billiard Hall. 

E. G. MELENDY, Attorney at Law. 
JOHN Y. BEVIER, Proprietor Am. 

LYMAN ABBOTT, Physician 
J. L. HAGERTY, Physician and Surgeon 
THEODORE B. McNA BR, Physician ant 
PHILIP MICHAEL, Heavy and Shelf Har, 

Building Material, etc. 
J. K. HOWELL, Heavy and Shelf Hnrdwt 

ENOS MICHAEL, Renl-Esbate and Loan Aj 
JOSHUA MICHAEL, Dealer in all kinds 

J. R. FOX, Undertaker and Furniture Dealer, 

v ; Si, i\v* and 
also Building 
I also Farmer. 

FREDERICK PIFER, Wagon and Carriage Maker; repi 

E. FARNHAM. Proprietor « Exchange Flouring-Mills," and Tot 

ship Trustee. ' 
S. S. RRICKER, Dealer in Shelf Groceries, Stationery, F 



S. H. FULLER, PI ii i 

F. H. CHADWICK, Leadiog Dry-Gooda House i 

& SHOUF. Lake View House. 
WEAVER BROS., Dealers in Pure Drugs, Patent Medicines, 

Toilet Articles. P.iir.i,. Oil-. \ amisli. '['..Knee... t'i-ars an. I l.'.eil- 

R. J. WILLARD, Contractor and 

also Dealer in Lum- 

P. ROSY, Contract 

H. ORERLI.V, I). At in Dru..-s Medici .Chemical,, 

Toilet Article S; c". Km, he, ar.,1 Perfumery 

JOHN G. CROXTON, White Rose Flouring-Mills 
C. E. VAN AUKEN, Surveyor. 
JOHN F. RUSH, Agent Ft. W., J. 4i S. R. R. 
THEODORE F. TUTTLE, Blacksmithing of all 


W. W. BOICE, Attorney at Law and Collector. 

GEORGE KEESLAR, Physician and Surgeon. 

J. G. PARKER, Dealer in [try Goods, Hal,, Cap,, Boots, Shoes, 
Clothing, Groceries, Notions, etc., etc. 

E. A. WILDER, Heavy and Shelf Hardware, Agricultural 
Implements ; si,.. Dealer in Live Stock. 

FRANK F. BURNHAM, Burnham Hotel. 

J. H. PARKER, Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Flour Canned 
Fruit, Notions, etc., cte. 

W. W. THOMSON, Furniture Dealer and Undertaker. 

J. FOX & CO., Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Books and Sta- 
tionery, Notions, Perfumery and Garden Seeds. 

L. BISBEE, Livery Stable. 

FRANK BLASS, Thomson House. 


D. N. E. BROWN, Physician and Surgeon. 

l Hij.ev.ei 


CLAY LEMMON, Farmer and Township Trustee, Seotion 
DAVID K. SWIFT, Township Assessor, Seotion 10. 
DANIEL H. DAVIS, Farmer and Proprietor of Saw-M 

II ARMON II. U1.I.I.IV, Fanner, Carpenter and J 
W. W. WILLIAMS, Farmer, Stock-Raiser and Trader, 


WOOD, Physician and Surgeon. 

ship, Section 6 

A. B. STEVENS, Farmer and Surveyoi 


W. A. GREENAMYER, Trustee and Farmer, Section i 
MARTIN V. RANSBURG, Physician and Surgeon, 


NELSON III T< IIIVS. Farmer and Justice of the Peac. 

J. H. MOORE, Physician and Farmer, Section 17. 
JESSE GREENAMYER, Carpenter and Farmer, Seotion ( 
C. F. WIGGINS, Minister and Farmer, Section 19. 
P. L. PROUTY, Carpenter and Farmer, Section 22. 
CHARLES STAFFORD, Farmer and Insurance Agent, Se. 


Sccli,,., 211 

A. BLOOMER, Proprietor of Clear Lake House, Section 17. 
D. B. TEETERS, Township Trustee and Farmer, Section 5 
FURMAN JOHNSON, Cider-Maker, Blacksmith and Farm. 

' l« i: ■ "I i \\, I i and I'm. L - ..I' .Ja.-k.-on T..WI..I.1 

lion 14. 
GEORGE CLEAVELAND, Blacksmith, Section 22. 

Raiser, Sectioi 
. D. ELLIS, Postmaster, York Center P.O., Dealer in Dry Goods, 

Groceries, etc.; .Til-lie ' lie Peace ; ,1,., Parmer, Section 7. 

I II.: .. . I II,. t'l.le, ,.,..! Jell., M,!.er ..I-,. 
aiser, Section 21. 


P. McALISTER, Blacksmith and Wagon-Maker, and 




GENERAL DESCRIPTION. ^^trf A^iS.S'SS'ui' £ oltlTof i"af"h' !S ' b S * ^ "' '.'" 1*5 ""^e °" l |j W " b "''' » br "" f"' 

Indiana, ill.' -1\lh >l.i!e!- d n... lb- I'm!.... H..1 ih- -,>ll, l';-.. M ,i I .-.. -,.-: 1 1 . . ,1,. 11. i.r,-v.,i!iii - 1I11..1. ', ...I ll.< Si .:- , ...1 ' l'.„: i|,. '... nn , v... !l',i .... ' ,"'.| , 1';' , ''-'1 1 ',, ",' \ -' '"l" 

in [...(. n), ti,, 1, lj,s beiiv<en M IT' .:.■! Il .'■"' ■ ■■■ h 1 . I.niu-lc. an-l .. ... .- ).. k- . ..-I. I- .-vn-.- -1 i- . . I. .,.,-1 I 7-1 [ . .. ■,■•. ,\-. ' \ 1- ,!■ .| ,,". r I],'. ,.,.'.' „t ..■ |'"| ",'■ \\ ' ' "l ' 

1- 011 the OOllli by I.aki- Muln .... \| Th- .lim..!- i- th .t ..f 1 1,. N- ri 1. T. ...|.- r..t. '/. Th- urn Mil ■' 'l " ■ I ' " 'l '.' !' 


'V;Vr ; : : ' , r;i: : !:T :; '':";' , Tr,-.:V'' 0™ , d :;„!v"; 

\l.. ,: "1. -Km . ,... ..- „-.,.. ,.1 |,..U.,„. ., .... 

■li-i- . :','"" : ::'. ; r'v :':'■'" 

;:;:;:.;|: , :i: ::,,::.:: ii^vf^-S 10 

,.,m-, tin- iotm.r U-m-i l;n.m-u .is K|, -..,,, Sills l\.v- >.. f,r ... , x 

Crawford County. 

[ is J^ mik-f Imrj, linn fi-.-t at its ^ width and iMii 

t'.-.-t at 11s greatest height. 


The general slop.- of the wat.-r-sh.-d is to ih- s..i.i |,«. -• TI- 

Indiana ™ on.,.. .IK :, | f Ploridi » 

l". .tnt\. rt-.w- tl jli Mn.l .'.nil Kn.-i-li l..k-- "■ 1....1I in'., tli. 

Mi... ..*._ The confluence of the St. Joseph's with the .»■ i : 

1 ■ 1 

Va an agricultural State, Indiana rink- .in. a.. tl..-fn-t 
urn portion, the soil vati.s a.-i.>r.lin_- to tin- und-rlwi 

heat nre the staph- |.i..duit> lWid« i.ilil.- hay is rnisrd in 
irth part and mImch. in tin- south (.ait, hut nil the products of 
Eiddle Suites can be grown t 



Lines running north 
ncipal meridian, are ier 

Townships are design; 
rording to the position tl 
is, T. 1 N. judicata t 

givssional 'JWn.shi[.s, d.-i-natyd by " Town-drips " and " Ranges." 
Liucs running .11-t 1 we.*t. sis; miles apart, parallel to the b; 




A.;i:l.'ii.Tii:ii. rnnnrn.-. r.iv 

— - 

— ' "»' 8 ™l 




1 ZT~«* M 




Plan, Representing 
Practical Description of Sectional Land. 

JJbrOurtsr quarter of Section 70 
in, To*Tis7iip f$ 37brth,of Range. Y 
East of the Third. 1'riiwipal Af&rCdu 


• €k£WPlSi;kSI-S£or- 


Cent pt ofWtoflTE* 




^^tS-t<5rStArto/>jn SJB^ 


a in tie United Stal 



fi ^5«5^ 

. -